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index « biological « Fibonacci, Phi, and spiral growth patterns

posted : 2005.Jan.11 @ 9.49pm

once a seed is positioned on a seedhead, the seed continues out in a straight line pushed out by other new seeds, but retaining the original angle on the seedhead. No matter how large the seedhead, the seeds will always be packed uniformly on the seedhead.

Images from the website linked above...

another nice thing to know: credit cards are golden rectangles.

posted : 2005.Jan.12 @ 6.14pm
what a great site.
I am reading the History of phi right now.

P,S. nice palindrome.
My favorite is
“Satan oscillate my metallic sonatas.”

posted : 2005.Jan.14 @ 7.07pm
Wow man. Truly awesome. What is that third picture of?

posted : 2005.Jan.15 @ 12.15pm
looks like something edible?

since credit cards are golden rectangles, it is possible to construct a perfect pentagon/pentagram using only it as a straightedge =)

posted : 2005.Jan.15 @ 1.30pm
Geo just finished reading The DaVinci Code and had sent me this: Phi: That Golden Number

posted : 2005.Jan.18 @ 8.16am
phi is everywhere. And.... it sounds like five, which has always been an important or powerful number. What is the magic of 5? Pentagons, Pentancles are symbols of power.... two thirds of
Medievel and Renaissance English poetry is written in Iambic PENTameter.
Iambic pentameter itself is a rhythmical pattern of syllables.It's rhythm mimics the sound of a heartbeat.
Phee Phi Phoe Phum Phi.

posted : 2005.Feb.11 @ 10.14am
The third picture is that of a variety of broccoli, i've growin it my self before, for the excellent taste and wicked visual.

Heres a shot of my edible tasty.

posted : 2005.Feb.11 @ 10.19am
that has to be one of the craziest vegetables i've ever seen. it think it might be one of those space fractal nuggets i've been hearing about.

posted : 2005.Feb.14 @ 11.06am
And check out how it's a series of little spirals within a large spiral. Phi-tastic!

posted : 2005.Feb.14 @ 11.24am
" And there'll be no dessert until you finish your fractals, young man!"

posted : 2005.Oct.03 @ 3.49pm
your entire body is actually proportioned acording to phi ratios (the length of your hand in relation to the length of your forearm etc.) use the distance between the pupils of your eyes as the basic measuring unit for your body and see how your other parts are related... the distance between your pupils also perfectly fits the spaces between your chakras (space your fingers that far apart and go up from your belly button on the front of your body, you should land on your solar plexus, heart and throat chakras, unless you're a mutant...)

everything is wrinkly

posted : 2005.Oct.04 @ 2.37am
πθΑ - Pythagoreans Represent.

Up until now, whenever I needed to pick up a sorority girl, I'd say I was in Phi Lambda. Now I think I'll be in Pi Theta Alpha. Anyone care to rush?

posted : 2005.Nov.07 @ 11.07pm
hey beautifulz.
this is my newest... one of my first explorations into the digital realms.

exploring the process based, now nature of enlightenment, thru tha lens of DNA.


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