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posted : 2005.Jan.07 @ 10.52pm
Flying to Florida Haikus

The sun is shining
above a cloudy landscape
Mountaintops poke through

Footprints on cloudscape
like a desert of white sand
I smell my breakfast

Outside my window
far below the iron wing
floats one little cloud

Doctor Phil on TV
is very proud of his guest
for giving up drugs

Kissing on the screen
Love scene romantic music
Baby don’t like it

Attempting to cut
with tiny toy plastic knife
Damn you Bin Laden

Brilliant morning sun
over a valley of clouds
I feel my ears pop

I remove my headset
to hear my wife and captain
share their plans with me

Sunlight pouring in
clouds rise from a foggy sea
reflecting my life

Was painter who chants
now bodhisatva who paints
art has new meaning

I’m the screenwriter
of the movie of my life
going for my dream

Meanwhile my students
will celebrate Halloween
with a substitute

posted : 2005.Jan.08 @ 12.34am
these have made my day
Doctor Phil and Bin Lauden Laughing Laughing
welcome to the pod

posted : 2005.Jan.08 @ 7.28am
yes, welcome to the pod Big D! Smile I look forward to seeing your work new and old. Might we see a skipper or two?

posted : 2005.Jan.11 @ 9.43am
I enjoy haiku
and I try them every day
simple elegance

posted : 2005.Jan.11 @ 11.00am
I must say Jeskar
haiku is changing my life
many thanks to you

posted : 2005.Jan.11 @ 1.17pm
sharing what we love
is what the pod is about
I love to haiku


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