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posted : 2009.May.22 @ 1.20pm

"That's what you humans do. You create time.

You don't live in time - time lives in you"



posted : 2009.May.27 @ 11.55pm
The little space within the heart
is as great as the vast universe.
The heavens and the earth are there,
and the sun and the moon and the stars.
Fire and lightening and winds are there,
and all that now is and all that is not.

-The Upanishads

posted : 2009.May.31 @ 8.40am

pod is eternal.


~ phong

posted : 2009.Jun.02 @ 3.07am





posted : 2009.Jun.02 @ 5.22pm

pod is life.


~ delvin

posted : 2009.Jun.12 @ 2.10pm

"[...] In the end if the artwork does not give more life-force to the environment than it takes, then it doesn't matter what you call it, it only adds to the disrespect of life and being on this planet."


~ Erial Ali 

posted : 2009.Jun.25 @ 12.33pm
When you stay in your True Self
you do not need to look after yourself.
A power will rise which is moving the earth,
which is causing the sun to shine,
which is giving the moon its brilliance.

When you are attuned to that power
you will have nothing to do,
everything will be beautiful.
That power will look after you
in a way which you cannot manage.


posted : 2009.Jun.25 @ 12.34pm
Simply keep quiet,
let things happen in front of you,
and enjoy this universe which is offered to you.

Don't make any effort and don't even think
and you will know who you are!
Don't think of the past or the future
and within this you will find 
what you never have found before.

But few people do this and instead waste their lives
in practice which only expands their ego
as they boast of all the ways that they please the Divine.

So simply Be quiet, make no effort
and you will know who you are!

- Papaji

posted : 2009.Jun.25 @ 1.20pm

In that case I don't want to know "who I am".

Silliness. Who I am is an artist and I gotz things to create!

posted : 2009.Jul.06 @ 7.04pm

"The work of an artist is to change the value of things"


- twittered by Yoko Ono


posted : 2009.Jul.14 @ 10.47am

"The highest truth contends with nothing, as it is everything."



posted : 2009.Jul.19 @ 1.03pm
"the highest truth contends with everything, as it is nothing"

posted : 2009.Jul.19 @ 1.56pm

Tao Te Ching:

Verse Fifteen 

"In olden times those who were competent to be masters were intelligent, subtle, profound and spiritual. Their thoughts could not be easily fathomed. Since their thoughts were hard to comprehend, I will try to reveal their virtue by some explanation. They were as cautious as a man crossing a river in winter; they were as suspicious as a man who fears his neighbors; they were as circumspect as a guest in the presence of his host; they were as ready to adapt themselves as ice at the point of melting; they were as true and sound as the trunk of a perfect tree; they were as open and broadminded as a spacious valley; their thoughts were obscure, like troubled waters. 

"Who can enlighten himself by slowly quieting the troubled waters of his mind? After gaining calmness of mind by concentration, who can gradually pass from its calmness into the activities of life and always retain the same calmness of mind? Only those who keep themselves from self-sufficiency and who control their lives by the principle of Tao. Being free from self-sufficiency, their spirit and energy will never fail, but will be ever refreshed and renewed." 

Goddard, D. (1994). A Buddhist Bible. Boston, MA: Beacon Press.


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