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posted : 2004.Dec.31 @ 2.01pm
"Nuts to art. Genius is just the compelling desire to excel, to express one's self, to give enjoyment to others, this plus nature's gift of a super-abundance of energy over and above the requirements for daily living. A surplus of exuberance to share among those around us.

"...The so-called fine arts have been on the skids since the turn of the century, when impressionism was aborted into the birth of all "isms" of abstract painting. Art is, always has been and, if it is to survive, always must be emotional. To make it coldly intellectual by abstractionism and impressionism is to destroy it or mold it into a monstrosity that is better kept locked up in musty museums. I frankly would rather prefer to have my paintings displayed in a gin-mill rather than buried in a repository together with the rest of the dead art, which is where this modern crap will end up.

"I refuse to be converted. The other day one of these 'artsy artists' from the Metropolitan in New York was sitting right on this lanai and he did some sketching of this bay. He showed me his finished canvas. I wanted to vomit when he showed me what a sacrilegious abortion he painted of my beautiful Paradise. I was quite frank with him. I told him I had seen better similar art on a stableboy's shovel!"

From the master of the velvet painting, Edgar Leeteg

Via Metafilter

posted : 2004.Dec.31 @ 4.25pm
That segment on genius is one of the best descriptions I've heard yet.

I personally would be careful of completely denouncing intellectualism. It is a means of understanding but SOME aspects of the artistic process. Not only that, but "isms" have aided in cataloging vast amounts of diverse forms of art into groupings which allow a person who enjoys one artist to be exposed to creations of the same vein. This is not a bad thing, unless you let yourself get trapped in the creative cul-de-sac of pigeonholing yourself to one type of experience.

Being entirely exclusive to the emotional realm is to be elitest and playing the same "be all, end all" of art appreciation that the cold intellectuals seem to have. If they remove emotion, then we shouldn't turn around are remove intellect. It's the same game.
Sure we can all have our own feelings and emotions from a piece, but doesn't the fun lie in discussing our varying views to come to a mutual understanding of each persons perception? We definately shouldn't feel forced to come to a mutual agreement, but a mutual understanding of why each interpretation is unique is rad.

Balance of the two is key. Integrating technique with intuition, calculated form with abstracts, tightness with looseness, realism with fantasy, is where all of the best art comes anyways.

Include the left, and the right. Only having one of your arms wouldn't be too helpful. Same goes for art.

Dat's my two cents anyhow.


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