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posted : 2004.Sep.22 @ 11.43pm
woah, i just looked through this whole thread and my eyes are spinning'! great stuff fog and dmaniac. i love the cars on the freeway at night. makes me want to go play in traffic.

These are mostly from Burning Man:

This thing animated light in different patterns all around the cube. Sometimes a comet. Sometimes falling like raindrops. Different colors, too. They were made of ping pong balls! Super-creative. A still image doesn't capture how cool it was:

Artsy Title: "San Diego at Night (with telephone poles)"

posted : 2004.Sep.23 @ 10.00am
Holy LightLapse Batman!

Those last two city images are incredible.. it looks like a super long exposure, but the car in the foreground of one of them is barely streaked....


I also am somewhat partial to Zuni Poy and fishnets (rowr!)

posted : 2004.Sep.23 @ 9.06pm
Someone mind breaking me off some knowledge. I'm have my first jump into these kind of shots & I'm having trouble. What settings are you guys using? Shutter speed? What does ISO do?

Your help is appreciated.



posted : 2004.Sep.23 @ 10.48pm
Your Electric Light Cage is the best thing ever.

posted : 2004.Sep.24 @ 5.14am
Fog!! # 5 is amazing!! The underlighting of the trees along with the streakng lights....nice!!

posted : 2004.Sep.24 @ 8.58am

I got all inspired and fired off a short tutorial this morning... still need to work out and get coffee, but here ya go:

Light Lapse Basics

(after being regailed for my noobness, I have included the dreaded "double-post" message herin.)

Rolling Eyes

...and THANKS GEO!!

I really must cruise down to SD and see you guys soon....

posted : 2004.Sep.25 @ 1.59am
nice stuff boys and girls!!!

Sandy - 1 st photo sept 22nd from BurnMan - awesome.
Fog!!! - really good light hunting on the remote hiways!

i took this light lapse thingy ON the freeway! while driving 75mpr and:...

I-10 west, east and beyond...

this is me!

girls gone wild in Encinitas!!!

posted : 2004.Sep.25 @ 10.22am
Dman: Sweet!

I love the wide aspect ratio shots man.

Hope you weren't driving while shooting...

Very Happy

posted : 2004.Sep.25 @ 10.44am
Fog- Thanks for the tutorial. I'm learning & hopefully will get one up soon.

posted : 2004.Sep.25 @ 12.21pm
fog, as i mentioned before 75 mph - it was a little weird and i was working it. all my senses were up not to get in trouble on the freeway. So, be careful - it's not a recommended technique and way to shoot stuff... but i like the results after all!

posted : 2004.Oct.18 @ 10.22pm
I posted this in the texture thread and then then saw this thread 10 minutes later, so here it shall reside forevermore. You guys are all kicking way ass with this technique. Very nice Very Happy

posted : 2004.Oct.19 @ 6.24am
Yeah!!! I was about to write back and ask you, Yella-Mella-Fella, why were you hiding such a beauty from the Light Lapses? This is some great stuff, no doubt!!! Shocked
I am expecting more as well from the Big Apple... can't wait!!!

posted : 2004.Oct.20 @ 11.15pm
some more experiments and just shots from different angles...


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