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posted : 2005.Apr.12 @ 10.20am
mark! your the str8 mackinest one of all!
I love how you use experimentation. it looks so lovingly calculated.

posted : 2005.Apr.18 @ 10.56am

posted : 2005.Apr.22 @ 5.31pm

posted : 2005.Apr.22 @ 7.06pm
Shocked oh my...
that first one is lucious Deep respect

(the second one is dope too!)

posted : 2005.Apr.26 @ 10.37am
Shocked oh my lord. becky, I whole heartedly agree with melo, that first shot is fantastic... i mean *really* fantastic.

melo, zoom blur is cool, i find it hard to control though.

Cheers to you both.

posted : 2005.May.02 @ 5.45am
thanks guys

posted : 2005.May.02 @ 10.36am
great stuff...

posted : 2005.May.08 @ 2.33pm

posted : 2005.May.19 @ 8.35pm

posted : 2005.May.19 @ 10.01pm
That was a fun spin jam, Sean. I'm all about the blacklight flags.

posted : 2005.May.28 @ 6.31pm
ABOVE --- > like Smile

posted : 2005.May.29 @ 7.07am
melo the one from may 2 is soo coool; the first time i looked at it i had no idea it was the ceiling, it reminds me of ripples of water

dman jellyfish! i like that one
(marc didnt know what i was talking about so ill clarify, i think that the red streams of light look like jellyfish' tentacles flowing in water)

posted : 2005.Jun.13 @ 3.23pm
thanks becky Very Happy Dman that shot is luscious Cheers


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