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posted : 2004.Sep.10 @ 12.01am
Caught this madhouse light lapse in black rock city, just before the burn.

Clickedy clock clack! Ka BOOM !

posted : 2004.Sep.10 @ 6.38am
it's madhouse alright, Phongy Very Happy

more light lapses from the world around us...








posted : 2004.Sep.10 @ 11.14am
Phong: How did you get the effect on the first shot? It's amazing! Is that an IR filter or Photoshoppage?

Excellent Series,


Here's an offering from last Saturday's debauchery:

posted : 2004.Sep.14 @ 6.04pm
Fog: A little layer duplication, guassian blurring, and masking did the trick.
That pic is actually the culmination of two different photos taken at the same location, a few minutes apart...

And D: D-D-2 is the mother of other light lapse captivation action!

posted : 2004.Sep.17 @ 6.46am
u rule, dudes... i'll be playing with the lights around other people more!

"light" memories of my EX Crying or Very sad

tips: put your cam on "timer" like 10sec, focus on something around your exact location; press Large button on the top of the cam and run to the "exact location". After that it's a mad house for some time and a hope for a good shot!... or OK shot... or anything decent at all... Wink

read: love from Dman - to all my POD brothers and sisters!

posted : 2004.Sep.17 @ 7.10am
more fantastic light shots everyone... phong, dmaniac and fog.. all excellent... this last one was an accident... i was talking to a friend not realising that they hit the button.... i think i talk with my hands too much! Confused

posted : 2004.Sep.17 @ 7.59am
More Tips: If your cam has the ability, set it to flash fill and also have a long exposure. Both my coolpix995 and my D70 have this feature. Hit the subject with the flash and then scramble the camera around a bright lightsource... some of these come out pretty freakish. Here's another from the last party:

I'll never shoot a party again with "flash only".

Heading out tonight to try and duplicate the feel of Phong and Dman's "no-lights-but-the-cars" shots. I got a perfect perch in mind....

posted : 2004.Sep.18 @ 6.34pm
fog... ... still waiting, man... Rolling Eyes

posted : 2004.Sep.18 @ 10.02pm
Heh. Thanks for the encouragement D! Very Happy

I got lost in Pebble Beach last night trying to find this spot and when I finally found it, I realized that it was PITCH BLACK and had a hard time finding the settings on the camera.

Man it was dark.

Not completely satisfied with these shot or the angle but since all I had to tromp around in the bushes with was my slippery moto boots, I settled for "above".

1. Halogene Lights look the best

2. Another attempt at Dman's look

3. Shorter exposure, but then there's not enough light unless you crank up the ISO and make it look all grainy and shit.

4. Tromped out into the middle of PCH overlooking Monterey.

5. I like the 10mm wide angle... I've got a cool tunnel I want to use this on soon.

6. Looking over the other side of the bridge.. 30 second exposure.

posted : 2004.Sep.18 @ 10.07pm
2, 5 and 6 are certainly da bomb!!! great job, fog. Just don't kill yourself, man. Some of these locations look a bit shady... like far from the city. If anything happens to you... none will even know where you were Crying or Very sad

Very Happy - D

posted : 2004.Sep.19 @ 4.26pm
Now, this is my first attempt at light lapse photography, so any tips you might have for the future would be helpful. These were taken with a 16s exposure.

posted : 2004.Sep.19 @ 10.23pm
Unsatisfied with my first series, I wandered out of town to see what I could find. Here's round two.






posted : 2004.Sep.20 @ 12.25am
Hey Jesker! Good second round man! Notice how the light lapse works better with less points of light? Go somewhere dark and shoot bright things.

#4. and #1. of the second set are grooving... I dig the fore/aft ground love of #4.

Keep it up!


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