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posted : 2004.Jul.16 @ 8.33pm
Great body of creative projections,
bring forth your beautious streaks of light.

posted : 2004.Jul.16 @ 10.14pm
Your photoconciousness was a neural lightning strike in
my mind conjuring up these fine words from Master Poxin.

posted : 2004.Jul.17 @ 3.46am

posted : 2004.Jul.17 @ 7.40am

posted : 2004.Jul.19 @ 11.07am

posted : 2004.Jul.24 @ 12.37pm
Good Sandy, I think I am ready to go and do some freeway damage at night time. I do have some from my Getty collection too (just remembered). This one is from Saint Petersburg, Russia.

posted : 2004.Jul.24 @ 12.44pm
Yeah, Sandy, I really like the first one !!!
here's more from the distance...

posted : 2004.Aug.03 @ 5.56am
Encounters at LAX airport.

posted : 2004.Aug.07 @ 12.02pm
I made this and set it as my desktop.

I took photos of the computer screen in the dark..

Editing led to experimenting. Click image for larger version.

It seems this morning's PS doodling has revealed a new low tech way to generate
complex digital patternition:

Make desktop Take pics of the screen in dark while slowly moving camera
Place in preheated Photoshop Bake for one hour

posted : 2004.Aug.17 @ 9.31pm
These were all taken at Sahar's party saturday night. What a fun night! Very Happy

Air spinning rainbows of light:

Fire spinning aka Poi:

posted : 2004.Aug.24 @ 1.46pm
Great shots Angela! Thank you for those! I actually missed that bit at my own party. It is nice to see it caught on film. Smile

posted : 2004.Aug.25 @ 2.53am
there are some really nice shots in here.. love phongs first one and the monotir art from air is great.. seeing the process really adds to the image.

a couple of old fire jugggler ones from barcelona:

posted : 2004.Sep.09 @ 10.17pm
really-really nice stuff, guys... i noticed that the number of the entries had dropped for this topic, so, how about replenishing it? here's some not the most exciting, but appropriate material. Pacific Cost Highway late at night.






i made an effort... and if i come up with something more exciting, you'll see it! Here!!!


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