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index « babble « 76 thousand dead after 9.0 quake spawns Tsunami off of Asia.

posted : 2004.Dec.29 @ 4.00pm
76 far, it's projected to go up to 100,000 at leest ....that dosent even regesture in my head.

Just search for news of the Tsunami on google. It's effected so many countries, total destruction. I swear if i hear anyone bring up 9.11. after this i'll have to spit on their shoe

Has anyone else found out about this? Just happend a couple days ago. The flow has been chaotic recently, now i know why. The vibes from this are just so intense.

Scientists said the death toll might have been reduced if India and Sri Lanka had been part of an international warning system designed to advise coastal communities that a potentially killer wave was approaching. Although Thailand is part of the system, the west coast of its southern peninsula does not have the system's wave sensors mounted on ocean buoys.

Everyone gather some energy and send it to that half of the sphere. As we sit comfertably in our little computer safe zones we havent the slightest idea of whats going on over there.


posted : 2004.Dec.29 @ 4.41pm
this is horrible.
look at how huge the affected area is:

posted : 2004.Dec.29 @ 5.50pm
It the biggest natural disaster I can recall.

Ang and I knew about this about an hour after it happened. At first the death toll was announced to be 7,000. As it climbs ever high my mind loses the ability to grasp it. I have seen many mpegs of buses being pushed up streets, people being sucked under and animated maps of the affected areas. The way it slowly and mercilessly crept ashore was haunting to behold. Various camcorder tapes are now circulating on the web but I am through watching them.

We have a friend in Thailand but thankfully he was un affected as he lives on the other side of the island. Ang knew 4 people visiting India and they were all ok. Pox, I was wondering why you didn't bring it up on the phone. I hinted at it but didn't want to talk about it out right. As soon as I heard I thought of Phong. He had told us so many stories about being in the areas that were most affected. He really loves that place.

Healing energy going out to all peoples and a big astral hug for brother Phong.

posted : 2005.Jan.03 @ 10.08am
While meditating on it and focusing positive energy toward the affected areas I saw myself looking back at me. I was them and told myself we needed more than good vibes. This was the next step.

>> Doctors Without Borders <<
>> American Red Cross <<

Even if you can only give a little I would encourage all fora cells to help. Some estimates say it will take up to ten years to repair the damage caused by the quake and tsunamis.

posted : 2005.Jan.04 @ 11.30am
Here is a much better post I found on

>> A moment for the survivors


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