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posted : 2006.Sep.04 @ 1.48pm
>> Animusic - Pipe Dream : Pure Visual Blisonious

posted : 2006.Sep.25 @ 9.19am
Inside living cells...
an animation from harvard university of the goings on inside us.
a cool video made infinitely cooler by the fact that it's real!"

posted : 2006.Sep.25 @ 2.37pm

an amazing visualization of airplane traffic
by digital media artist Aaron Koblin...

posted : 2006.Oct.11 @ 9.12pm
Longtime: no see.

1week of art works:

sorry for the youtube, but this was too cool.

posted : 2006.Oct.15 @ 8.59am
I found this on Erowid.


3-D Art Space

posted : 2006.Oct.20 @ 10.10pm
By the way, that one week of art video is freaking awesome! Crazy people... Good people...

posted : 2006.Nov.08 @ 3.11am
Agape: Yes, very creative. I admire their ability to take something in one direction, flesh it out, and then completely restart in a new direction.

30 Ordinary objects. 30 not so ordinary uses.

>> atelier-v

posted : 2006.Nov.08 @ 7.20am
My fav is the latex glove on the olive oil... Although, frankly that looks nasty! The cactus one is just silly.

posted : 2006.Nov.08 @ 8.47am

posted : 2006.Nov.22 @ 4.12pm

here's a super creative use of a white board


posted : 2006.Nov.23 @ 4.12pm

posted : 2006.Dec.05 @ 11.45am
Cool Poxin. Is it a coincidence that part of the url is a directory called "POD"?

I just found this amazing panorama viewer here.

xRez Extreme Resolution Photography

You can actually see someone on top of halfdome...


posted : 2006.Dec.24 @ 1.37pm
Man cycles through lots of countries, takes pictures.

My cycling trip photos w/D50

I would like to invite you to my blog where I posted photos from my cycling trip.
Right now I m in Sri Lanka and so far cycled for 7000+ km thru:


>> Mis Fotos del mundo
Toda la compilacion de fotos del blog en uno solo


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