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posted : 2006.Apr.20 @ 4.52pm

Beach art by Andres and Amy of Analogia
Design by our very own Phong (thanks amigo!).
Photo by Andres.

posted : 2006.Apr.24 @ 1.29am

posted : 2006.Apr.26 @ 7.59pm
Ahhh.. the minty fresh goodness of a trillion tons of melting ice.... Super Excellent texture phong.. no idea where I'd use it currently, but way cool.

Saw this article the other day and thought I'd give it a try:


posted : 2006.Apr.28 @ 6.49pm
fog- i was completely fooled. totally thought you had photographed a miniature set. very good! interesting the science of illusions.

and phong: that is one incredibly pschedelic image- i love it!

here's my addition:

the first pic is our dragon, a burning man project in which we used 'fire ribs' to simulate a dragon body.

this is us doing our thing lit up at the burning of the man. The interesting part of this project is how it is getting us to think about the qualities of 3 dimensional movement- how to create something that at that scale appears a certain way to the audience which is taking in the larger spectacle. its an evoloving, and fascinating, process. (i'll repost this in the biological section to dicsuss natural systems modeling.)

posted : 2006.May.19 @ 2.36pm
Check out these podular living quarters, freefloating in the forests of vancouver island. Envisioning a treetop podular collective of techkin transforming the paradigm of community and work to collectively co-inspire ness.

discovery channel video on the construction process

posted : 2006.Jun.06 @ 6.17pm
the secret...

a powerful expression of an ancient truth... we co-create this reality.

this video could change your life.

love inspires

posted : 2006.Jun.07 @ 8.11am
st.Even: The pod in the forest is beautiful. It reminds me of this cool house we found in Canada last summer:

More macro shots from Monterey, I really need to get some of these with darker shadows,.. it sells the miniature feel better:

And since this is a visblog,...
Here's mine.

posted : 2006.Jun.19 @ 10.16pm
invisible language....

absolute genius & inspiring

here is the animators site >>>

wanna learn patients,look at the clay layouts this guys does, the "long Way"


posted : 2006.Jun.22 @ 7.01pm
>> BumpTop 3D Desktop Prototype
BumpTop aims to enrich the desktop metaphor
with expressive, lightweight techniques found in the real world.
For more details :

posted : 2006.Jun.27 @ 10.10am
Air: Trippy... not sure if that would make life easier or not though... my desktop is littered with crapola and I sometimes have a tough time finding stuff. Cool interactions though...


posted : 2006.Jun.28 @ 9.48am
very nice explorations of interaction!

posted : 2006.Jul.31 @ 8.34am
>> Photosynth

"What if your photo collection was an
entry point into the world, like a wormhole
that you could jump through and explore… "

posted : 2006.Aug.01 @ 5.28pm
Amazing music video; Gnarls Barkeley :: Crazy

such a great and appropriate invocation of a concept. check it...


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