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posted : 2005.Jan.07 @ 2.09pm
There is much to do
Life has many facets
I can not keep up...

posted : 2005.Jan.10 @ 1.30am
I am now upon
a darker time in my life.
I'm just need to heal.

the pod will bear not
the burden of my darkness
Nor shall it ever.

posted : 2005.Jan.11 @ 6.57am
today is the day
i will challenge the evil
please, friends, wish me luck

if i can succeed
I will strike a blow for all
that is good and pure

posted : 2005.Jan.11 @ 7.11am
Strength and calm be yours
Drawing on inner power
Manifest your wish

posted : 2005.Jan.11 @ 9.39am
I wish for freedom
I will fight for honesty
I will free this slave

posted : 2005.Jan.15 @ 10.58am
Was painter who chants
now bodhisatva who paints
art has new meaning

posted : 2005.Jan.16 @ 10.43pm
Car Crash Haikus

freeway Raincar flips
a karmic roll of the dice
no seat belt for mom

My phone is ringing
Come to the hospital now!
your mother needs you

A broken sternum
a nasty bump on the head
she’s been through a lot

The phone rings again
it’s older brother this time
he is freaking out

I help wheel mom’s bed
into the elevator
Twilight Zone -like ride

She suddenly sings
Old Black Joe, Christian, Christmas,
courage in her voice

she’s cracking us up
we all sing along with her
wonderful concert

The morphine kicks in
Bodhisatvas fill the room
My eyes can’t see them

Convalescent home
sat up all night listening
white noise everywhere

She’s out of the woods
I sit by her bed and watch
she quietly dreams

four month-old grandson
eighty-three year old mother
past present future

posted : 2005.Jan.25 @ 6.50am
Good Day Haiku

It is amazing
to discover such a love
as I have for life

posted : 2005.Jan.25 @ 10.19pm
to believe is to be aware
to forget is to be somewhere
to live is to be a pear

posted : 2005.Feb.09 @ 8.23pm
Came back after bell
black smoke pouring through the door
campfire by my desk

Curling photographs
painted by layers of black
trash can has melted

Extinguished the flames
told kid to get the janitor
half the class screaming

Playground excitement
how did this fire get started?
whole school wants to know

Her life filled with rage
she seeks fiery revenge
why did she pick me?

and on another topic...

In the hot jungle
she opens her wings of ice
cool I’m thinking cool

posted : 2005.Mar.14 @ 7.55am
approached by today
with a bright sun and clear sky
I cannot complain.

posted : 2005.Mar.20 @ 6.50am
eight in the morning
the sun is shining warmly
beautiful sunday

posted : 2005.Apr.26 @ 8.34am
Cool breeze in the air
reminds me of... well, of Air.
Greetings, friends! Good day!


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