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posted : 2004.Dec.16 @ 11.32pm
trevor's clever endeavor would never sever the lever

posted : 2004.Dec.18 @ 7.02am
Never be clever at whatever,
just endeavour to be clever at the avar.

We're never clever ever.
So never ever clever.

We owe it to it looks like that
the number
somwhere in the middle of the night...

it's like webbed goo keeping everything together,

as the verbal fractal in our mind
suddenly reminds us
this violent wrath is suffering

how we're here while thinking about there

we're not going anywhere.

posted : 2004.Dec.18 @ 7.49am
I've been thinking...
When later gets here it becomes now
So, it's no longer later
And now comes and goes so fast we're only in it for the blink of an eye
Which means that the now you just experienced is already gone
Now, we would call it then, but I'll save that for later
However, if now is always now then now would have to be a continuum
In which case there is no later
Which would mean now I can't talk about then
That's ok because now I can talk more about later
But if later never gets here anyway, what's the use?
Well then, guess I'll go now
See you later.

"It's Always Now" Nov. 17 1988

posted : 2004.Dec.18 @ 12.04pm
"He decided that just as discretion is the better part of valor, so is cowardice is the better part of discretion, so he valiantly hid in a cabinet." Douglas Adams

posted : 2004.Dec.18 @ 5.13pm
I’ve had a tink or two
A sharp sound from me to you
A how do you do
A what’s new, a what’s knew?
And here we go loop de loop!

posted : 2004.Dec.21 @ 4.51pm
The meta-time of this quadrant has exceeded limit/quota.

Slow down and ਔ.


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