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posted : 2004.Dec.15 @ 9.28am
a thousand points of light
like butterflies, fluttering by
creating a halo at the edges of my eyes
and shimmering off to the horizon
leading me where i want to go;
a private little beach
where the time is always sunset
and the wind is always warm
and if i close my eyes
i can almost believe you're still with me

posted : 2004.Dec.17 @ 6.22am
someone lit some fireworks today
five or six of them, out by the bay
and it took me a moment to remember why
they always feel like they're exploding in my chest
it's been a long time since we met on that bridge
and a lot of things have come and gone
i can't help but wonder, though,
if you think of me like i think of you
every fourth of July
memories still linger in my mind of
that day, when the sparks didn't fly


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