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posted : 2005.Feb.19 @ 11.45pm
>> Terry Riley in C
thank you Rychard Rock

posted : 2005.Feb.22 @ 10.15am
Been on a huge Radiohead kick lately.
Can't stop listening to them.

Favorites are: Idioteque, Pulk-Pull Revolving doors, Kid A, Paranoid Android... etc.
Also got: The Cars - greatest hits.. for some 80's nostalgia.

posted : 2005.Feb.22 @ 10.27am
I Pulsing Love Radiohead!

posted : 2005.Feb.23 @ 11.38am
I know I've been out of the loop for a while, but I can't get over this band called:
The Postal Service

I believe it is a collaberation between the lead singer of Deathcab for Cutie and the man behind Dntel.

This faux indie style of electronica and rock fusion is just awesome. I'm a subtle fan of Deathcab, and definitely a fan of Dntel. This is after coming off of a Junior Boys kick as well.

I suggest digging up Dntel's Life Is Full Of Possibilities album for some audial stimulation. It's not as experimental as you might like it to be, but I find it to be just right.

posted : 2005.Feb.23 @ 11.50am
I saw Dntel when LIFOP came out and they ruled.
Homeboy rocked an accordian on stage.
I Pulsing Love Dntel.

posted : 2005.Mar.03 @ 1.56am
ultra lounge - bachelor pad royale
scriabin - piano sonatas
tabla beat science - tala matrix
pharcyde - bizarre ride II
-" Luke skywalker ain't a sweettalker so I got ill
With my light saber that came in one fancy flavor"

posted : 2005.Mar.03 @ 2.34am
Reminiscing about:

Mr.Bungle - California

singing it a capella with old friends over a delayed cellphone connection.
makes difficulty of the quick alternating vocals found in
The Air-conditioned nightmare or Goodbye Sober Day
(this website coincidentally has only these 2 mp3s posted).

i haven't heard it in years.
the plastic discs seem so obsolete,
i have yet to go searching for it in my apartment
so that i may perform the analog to digital conversion.


posted : 2005.Mar.04 @ 12.54am
I still listen to Disco Volante every other day. Razz
Though right now my main playlist would be...
Silver Mount Zion
Zager & Evans
Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O.
the one and only! Alice Cooper Welcome To My Nightmare
revisiting Brian Eno's Here Come the Warm Jets
and im trying to give The Mars Volta a fighting chance in my headphones....


posted : 2005.Mar.14 @ 8.50pm
The playlist keeps growin and sculpting to the form of my predilections, that in itself is an essential part of my freedom. How awesome!

Built to Spill - Perfect From Now On
I love the way Doug Martsch sings, it's as though he were exposing a boyish, childhood part of himself.
Air --- these days it's Premiers Symptomes, but also everything else. I saw these guys in concert last year and it inspired me to make music for three weeks afterwards, after having been in a serious artistic lull. Man, they are tight!
Pink Floyd Animals
Yo La Tengo - And Then Nothing Turned Itself Inside-Out

my new all-the time listening is Bob James. This guy, he's got the goods,
Some upbeat jazz piano with serious emphasis on grooving hard! He reminds me
of exactly how I'd construct a song, it's so bleeping sick Surprised Notable songs include the Theme from Taxi, Nautilus, Sign of the Times

Oh yeah, The Slackers too, the album Wasted Days. I smile like an idiot whenever I hear these guys!


posted : 2005.Mar.26 @ 10.14am
I'm currently drawing all my inspiration from a recently discovered 2004 release "Phoenix: Alphabetical "

posted : 2005.Mar.26 @ 11.09am
I'm also really digging The Soft Pink Truth.

>>Soft Pink Truth - Gender Studies (mp3)

posted : 2005.May.25 @ 1.00am
not listening much lately,
a slave to the practice rooms until june.

a list accumulates nonetheless:
coheed and cambria
pattern diver

posted : 2005.Oct.15 @ 2.12am
The books-Lost and Safe
Dead Meadow
Jon Brion
Prefuse 73
Sufjan Stevens

and thats all i have to say about that.



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