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posted : 2009.Oct.26 @ 11.01pm







micron penz to the rescue

posted : 2009.Oct.27 @ 1.26am
Nice designs, yodelheck. The 1st and 3rd look really good. It would be cool to see the first digitized and possibly animated a bit.

posted : 2009.Nov.10 @ 12.34am

Thanks Erik. I like working between digital and hand-drawn.....although as of yet I have no animation skillz. I have one all-digital piece that I envisioned as an animated object all along, I just haven't learned any flash.


Here are some more sketches I've done in the last few weeks: 







posted : 2009.Nov.15 @ 2.26pm



This is how to saw my friend when smoking the spirit molecule


I'm going to attempt to cool him at some point.. 

posted : 2009.Nov.15 @ 2.30pm

hoodie mushroom being


Sad face


^ His name is Dee Dee Smile 

posted : 2009.Nov.15 @ 2.32pm


A painting I did recently...  I call it 'Kali Kala XII' 

posted : 2009.Nov.16 @ 4.25pm

A reflected sketch from last night whilst boredom ensued....




posted : 2009.Nov.16 @ 7.38pm

SWEET! I'm glad people are posting their sketches! I dig your style, Kala.

Your reflected sketch looks organically badass, Psybe!!!  Ever thought about adding some color and effects in photoshop?

posted : 2009.Nov.18 @ 9.07pm
wrath of the galactic monkey

posted : 2009.Nov.20 @ 7.42pm


posted : 2009.Dec.25 @ 9.37am

wow! There was some beautiful stuff posted while i was away sorta... Kala!!!


Not much time to comment - Happy Holidays to everyone -- love and peace






posted : 2010.Feb.14 @ 9.05am

He-eeeey! No one sketches anymore????? Sad



posted : 2010.Feb.19 @ 9.22pm

I've got your sketches right here, Dman.























I am working on associating dreams with my hands, as this is an extremely effective technique for inducing the lucid state.










 Sketches from the Maha Shivaratri at the Kumbha Mehla:




There was another one here of a little boy named Ritik, it took him a while to gather to courage to sit for me and he did a great job.  I gave him the drawing but forgot to snap a photo because his folks were about to leave.









I've been developing my lucid dreaming practice through a daily journal. Here are some drawings I sketched in it while waiting for meals and the like.














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