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posted : 2009.May.21 @ 1.16am

Keeping myself aligned at work, remembering spirit in everything








Sketch 4

posted : 2009.May.29 @ 12.52pm



posted : 2009.Jun.01 @ 8.54pm
Pre-lim Kali-ma sketchness:

posted : 2009.Jun.05 @ 2.39pm
So I'm hoping to get myself a Wacom Intuos tablet for my birthday this year and was wondering if based on what you've seen of my work in this thread would my work benefit from that addition? I've always wanted one since I was in middle school(and that was a long time ago).
So I guess let me know. Up until now everything I've posted here has been hand drawn and scanned.

posted : 2009.Jun.05 @ 3.22pm

thefirsttofall, tablets are great.

The pressure sensitivity of the Wacom quite is helpful.

Art is art whether it's digital or not and working on the basics is the real key.
Draw tons, practice rendering with multiple mediums.  Use paints and try a real airbrush.
Study composition and work to guide the eye of the viewer.  A tablet is just an electronic
brush.  If you do not have a strong foundation it won't make much difference. 

posted : 2009.Jun.07 @ 4.30am











posted : 2009.Jun.07 @ 4.41am

These sketches are super impressive!

As always, love your stuff

It,s great to see this side of your art aswell

Thanks for sharing


posted : 2009.Jun.08 @ 8.43am

This one was started months ago and got added to over several visits to a coffee shop.


posted : 2009.Jun.08 @ 2.48pm

Beautiful nose, Air ~~~ muy intriga el espacio entre los ojos. Que suave esa mascara.....ole


))) I'm not sure which direction to look at tis from (((




 =-_-=>>>>>>>>>>>  TILT  ! ! !!  !!! !!!!! !!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   <<<<<<<<<<++] ] ]] ]]] ]]]]]

posted : 2009.Jun.09 @ 6.04pm
I Love that piece air. I think it is absolutely stunning.

posted : 2009.Jun.13 @ 8.31am








posted : 2009.Jun.13 @ 6.12pm

Love and healing to all.


posted : 2009.Jun.16 @ 10.20am
Into the digital void.
[edit: please excuse the stray doghair that found its way onto my scanner Wink]


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