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posted : 2008.Dec.15 @ 10.17am


thanks for the reminder Air.


I'll be detaching from my computer for a month on some travels down south, and I'll be sure to bring my sketchbook along!

posted : 2008.Dec.16 @ 12.59am

Yeah, I do plenty pencil nowadays... and markers BTW. Sadly can't get good ones, still it's fun. Just recently reinstalled Painter and

doodled in it... Still love it - all the tuls with no mess Smile


Air, love it - very graffiti style with a taste of orient ... la-la-la... good colours. Free style! me like !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




a-and one pencil sketch


posted : 2008.Dec.16 @ 9.02am


art time!!!


hell yeah!  the snow up here has given me the week off!  Booyakashah!

nice stuff guys.  break it out!  


unfortunately i started painting onto that orphic trinity piece right after i posted the big ones... 

oops.  i will release better quality images soon.



posted : 2008.Dec.16 @ 9.53pm

here is the first thing from today...


posted : 2008.Dec.18 @ 10.36am

keep the trypto-cartography flowing, agape. I like the balance of scale in your forms: it creates focal points of minute detail within a context of larger "objects."  I think the human visual system has a small area of focus in relation to the overall visual feild, so when mapping non-human landscapes from/for a human perspective, it feels right to mimic our focal feild. its cool to transcend that focal/peripheral ratio and blow peoples brain:balls, just depends what you're trying to do.....


I'm sure you'll be posting up the tri-fluoro piece when it's coming closer to fruition?

I'll post some of my sketches from High School as soon as I get my grubby fingers on a camera.....

posted : 2008.Dec.18 @ 6.22pm

Thought I would upload a selection from the new Agape Coloring Book! I did this mostly in the Chicago Airport. Lemme know if anyone wants an SVG of the b+w original to play around with...


colring book

posted : 2008.Dec.24 @ 7.48pm

happy to all, smile and attract only positive...    cuz the night... i mean the life is still young! ho-ho-ho!


yodelheck - wild style. i like! u got mo???


posted : 2008.Dec.25 @ 8.24am

D, your holiday cards are always a hoot. Thanks for da love Smile

Merry Christmas, Brother!  Peace on Earph and Happy Holy Daze to all the podlings!

posted : 2009.Jan.08 @ 9.28pm
I feel like I haven't posted in some time as I have been very busy with the holidays and work etc. So heres a few works for contemplation. Roll them around in your brain for a bit.

This is a rough one that I'm currently reworking. Ill have that posted when completed.
Hopefully I'll play around with this one digitally too. It needs some help.

Playing with a new set of markers I got over the holidays.
This is nowhere near being finished either. These two kind of play off each other.
Some sketchy spore kind.
This guys 3rd eye freaks me out.
This ones called "Perception Is Existence"
Just flowing.

There ya have it for now.
Keep the flow alive!!!!

posted : 2009.Jan.09 @ 2.35pm

Hand drawn outline, Hand drawn and colored, Digitally vectorized and colored.

posted : 2009.Jan.14 @ 8.50am
yeah ! I like these and vectorising last one brought it together well. I mean, the real one is cool, but the cleaner piece has it's +s Smile. Cool stuff, man.

posted : 2009.Jan.18 @ 5.38pm

nice work first of all!

have your tried overlaying imagery / photos / other art over your vector work--the layer properties drop-down options that air describes in Yodelheck's thread?

your play on the face reminds me of this astro-phongage

posted : 2009.Jan.23 @ 10.40am
Checking them out now.


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