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posted : 2004.Aug.27 @ 1.22am
nice pear! great stuff... it does make me want to get a whiteboard!

posted : 2004.Aug.28 @ 9.09am
Air referred to these as "the bootlegs"....earlier whiteboards that seemed less postworthy at the time... a pair of minimalistic Geo/Air collaborations.


DANCE OF THE GOD FRIDAY the way, Dman....nice images ya got there! And for those without whiteboards...consider
the Fora your virtual whiteboard. Guitar

posted : 2004.Aug.31 @ 10.07am
That 2nd pic of air is pretty amazing Dman.
Its like I was transported back to 2001! Wink hahaha.

Awesome job.


posted : 2004.Sep.10 @ 9.37pm
Messing around with Photoshop....

posted : 2004.Sep.11 @ 3.37am
I really like this. I see a story unfolding.

posted : 2004.Sep.11 @ 12.40pm
Thanks Sahar, living in PG is great for funky old house inspiration. I live in this one, but I'm thinking of doing a bunch of others in the area. My girls want to make a kids book with them.

posted : 2004.Sep.21 @ 2.40pm

posted : 2004.Sep.22 @ 6.15am
MMM... tikigeo, air... meloyelo... some power we have here - beautiful and out of ordinary pieces of art. Whiteboard art is perhaps my favourite... but the colours of the last post!!! (see above)... still Brick wall checking my pulse!

"silverscreenboard" art from me Confused until i get my own whiteboard... ha-ha, su-ure! Razz

posted : 2004.Sep.22 @ 7.44pm
Nice!! Dman. Double solids!

and Meloyelo...words to live by! It's a party, Yo!

posted : 2004.Sep.30 @ 11.00pm
thanx tiki...coming from you... Rock !!!

I have just finished going through a bunch of my old sketchbooks and here's the result:

i just love drawing or sketching faces!

in black and white we trust

posted : 2004.Oct.02 @ 10.40pm

posted : 2004.Oct.09 @ 12.31am

posted : 2004.Oct.09 @ 9.37pm
aHa!! Just like you said you would. Nice drawrings, my friend!
How fares the whiteboard?


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