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posted : 2008.Oct.20 @ 5.54pm

Nice sketches Antwan!

Some gobbley-goop seems to be floating around that story teller.


Here are a couple recent sketches.







posted : 2008.Oct.28 @ 3.53am

Agape, 'd like 2 c some of your sketches in colours... Could be some post 70's sur or psychedelic pallet. Have u tried?


Antwan, this yellow spills are kinda cool there - interesting mimiature sketching you have. I can c the entire page filled

with some madness and then a bit of yelloish/coffeeish natural goodness on top of it and  Smile 

posted : 2008.Oct.28 @ 4.55am

wow some awesome stuff around here. I really need to kick my ass and scan some of my work.


posted : 2008.Oct.28 @ 1.51pm

haha. yeah the rain water stained it a light yellow, but the scanner tends to really exaggerates it. but I always sort of liked it too.


yeah agape, she's a sloppy mess really. heh. I figure as I learn to illustrate depth, things will clean up.


your sketch it pretty tat, by the way. I remember coming across your myspace awhile ago and being enthusiastic about your images there. oh yeah, and is that lettering in that image? I tried to form words for awhile... but was having a difficult time


here are a few that are a bit older that I also like a lot:





posted : 2008.Oct.28 @ 5.33pm

Finally some sketch i made recently.

Mechanical pen and Marker.






posted : 2008.Oct.29 @ 7.55pm
Agape - diggin the flow. the second one is gnartastic

Ant - Welcome and keep the creativeness brewin!

Border - Niceness with the grayscale marker piece.

Im currently breathing some life into a couple sketches via photoshop & illustrator. should have a new up relatively soon.

posted : 2008.Nov.05 @ 11.57am
A little somethin somethin...

posted : 2008.Nov.09 @ 5.43am

posted : 2008.Nov.11 @ 12.06am
Skribble Sketch

posted : 2008.Nov.17 @ 11.56am

i've been saving up for a new computer cause mine is finally biting some dust...  bleh.  six years old doesn't seem long enough, but it is too expensive and illogical to upgrade.  anyways, i had wanted to upload these last week along with some videos of art flow, but it is a bit difficult right now.  had to start using GIMP instead of photoshop.




» ten minute fractal landscape sketch that was accompanying the beginnings of a project called "the development of a theoria of fractalaliac logic".  this was last weekend.




» encrusted birdy--the kind of ADHD-ish sketch where I'm tearing through the page.  btw, apparently ADHD peoples have a common habit of pressing hard when they write.




» this is the main studio space of our Seattle art collective.  projected onto a canvas on the wall is the E8 geometry that Garrett Lisi plugged into the standard model of particle physics.  It is evolving into an art piece!  Members of the house will be introduced soon--we are viradical, iotus, yodelheck and agape (george, geoff, jay and jacob---eehehehehe!).


bowdomz ~

posted : 2008.Nov.21 @ 11.21pm

 Damaniac ~ "Agape, I'd like 2 c some of your sketches in colours... Could be some post 70's sur or psychedelic pallet. Have u tried?"




fresh ness ~ colored pencil and watercolor on 140 lb. watercolor paper

I'm starting to tap into the venosa flow -- knock knock, venosa !

posted : 2008.Nov.22 @ 5.22pm


been working on this again for the past hour.

more soon...  maybe color.

posted : 2008.Dec.01 @ 6.50pm
such interesting work agape. looking forward to seeing how the litte bugger turns out.


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