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posted : 2004.Aug.10 @ 6.30pm

Friday I was talking to my folks on the "telephone" and I doodled this.
Notice the scale, it's pretty big. It's also in the main conference room at work.
Some super-upper managment was here today and yesterday in an endless
string of meetings meetings... in that room! The owner of the company sat under
his swirly influence for hours. The writing on his clavicle says,

"Sorry, I was on the phone."

Seeing it up there after it was all over with made my day today Very Happy

posted : 2004.Aug.11 @ 12.38am
That's great! Fun/funny. It's like a Picasso doodle.

posted : 2004.Aug.16 @ 7.55am
the beginning and finish of a Geo/Air collaboration...

posted : 2004.Aug.20 @ 9.24am
It started with Marshall drawing a screaming monkey on a tree branch...then I brought in the mercenary rabbit task force...

posted : 2004.Aug.20 @ 9.27am
after all that jungle violence it was time for a cleansing breath...little tiki boy.
Air assisted in background elements and suggested the Easter island head.

posted : 2004.Aug.23 @ 11.20pm
Wow. Whiteboard art at its finest. The red on the monkey one looks so cool. But, I have an affection for monkeys and now may be scarred for life. Luckily, Tiki Boy and butterfly made me realize the monkey has simply moved on, continuing his journey.

posted : 2004.Aug.24 @ 2.04am
these are great... really lovin' the last one.

posted : 2004.Aug.24 @ 9.35am
I kind of wish I had a place where I could exercise my artistic skills (do I have them?) on the whiteboard, meaning that I would be WORKING again, unless I buy my own and hang it on the main wall in my living room. Perhaps NO-OT! ... So, I sketch in Photoshop...

A quick one...

and this one is from Painter; and a little different mood

and... I really liked the whiteboard Art - really fun to look at - I am still OK with rabbits and armed bunnies... I managed to look pass it! Laughing

posted : 2004.Aug.24 @ 10.12am
Mr. Dmaniac, they are both wonderful! I am particularly drawn to the second one. The mood is lovely. I like him. Smile

posted : 2004.Aug.24 @ 10.17am
Oh, crap!!! I have just found two sketches of AIR I had in my archived files!!! hee-hee... Everyone, enjoy! He did look like this at some points of his life...

and Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Rolling eyes

posted : 2004.Aug.24 @ 10.53am
Holy #$%*! The second one is simply amazing. Not only does it look like Air you can feel his energy jumping right off the screen. That has to be one of the most life-like drawings I have ever seen, again, not only in the way it looks, but in the feeling.

posted : 2004.Aug.24 @ 2.34pm
I know him!!!

That last one is amazing...definitely all about the eyes...

posted : 2004.Aug.26 @ 8.44am
Lots of cool stuff, D! Cheers

At first Geo and I were doubtful about this one but the more we
worked on it the harder we started to laugh and that made it worth finishing.


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