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posted : 2005.Jan.23 @ 9.45pm
Well said, you.

Though nothing really happens when you die,
the highest state of heaven comes while mingling in life.

Death is really nothing once you see
the moment now is yours eternally.

So if you wish to sit upon a hill,
you're going to have to climb it with your will.

Frog Buddha

Somthing to know, to drop in your flow,
there is something particular about mind control.

The more you practice it, the more you know
that mind control is impossible.

The more and more you try to control,
the less it flows where you want it to go.

Thus it is said,
that the seasoned mind controller
is in a mindful state
of watching the mind out of control.

By Naoto Hattori,

And so,
not reacting to uncontrolled madness
the mind is controlled...
not in any particular way,
but towards stillness.

A stillness which lends itself to see
all of all life's sweet subtlety.

Then into control
comes an effortless flow,
to ride on, wherever it goes.

posted : 2005.Jan.25 @ 10.01am
this post is going in wonderful directions. (for $9.95 a month...)
thank you phong, as always.

Frog Buddha

posted : 2005.Jan.25 @ 10.45am
This thread is the fora at its best.

Dzuy's initial post was cool and inspired me to look up some more info to expand upon the theme. Then over a month later Marc makes a comment that sparks the mind of Phong. Further input from Yelo and I catalyze some enhanced clarity by Phong at which point things really get good.

I'm a big fan of presentation being as important as the message or the art. So, I wanted to take the time to thank the Phongster for his latest posts. They are art. The form the text takes is as poetic as its content. The illustrations add so much as do the tabling (the way the type and images work together), type sizing and hotlinks. These things elevate this thread to a level higher than posts on a board. It's like a mini website, a virtual book with explorable footnotes. If you watch closely you can see one of Phong's posts evolve over time. As his thoughts become more complete or refined so does the post. (Feel free to edit your posts without marking them as such if it pleases you.)

Pox's poetry, the questions, the respectful nature and genuine curiosity that imbue the tone... You guys have made me really happy. Very Happy I would like to see more threads like this. I'm off to learn some of Phong's code so I can start using these fancy techniques.

After looking through Pox's eyes for three years and spending a month with Phong this pic really grabs me. I love it.

'gooselook' by poxin

To me, it's just as infinite as an Alex Grey piece and more personal. Wink Nice hat, bro!

posted : 2005.Jan.25 @ 11.18pm
Well said master phong.

Imagination is the manifestation
Of the very creative source
At the center of all in all
Should we see it as a hill
And wish to climb it still
Then so that shale be what you need
To get to that golden seed
What you will it, it will be
If you so feel it should be a climb
Or a slight change in your stare
A flick of your ear
Or a sip of tea
The way of the way
Could be something new every day
Be it age old tradition
Conditioned, mastered
Or a new shining transition
Fragile, unopened
You can go about it
In anyway
Any day

When you arrive
To that shining mind
You will belong only
To what you understand
There is no one path
In this infinite open
This delicate
Fractal ocean

It's just as easy
To create your own little token
Granting you access
To the infinity fountain

This thread is love
I love it
Cheers to air
And all the crew
Do dee da doo trobbly loo!


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