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posted : 2004.Dec.07 @ 11.07pm
....I'm getting ready to print for my band.

posted : 2004.Dec.08 @ 3.15pm
way cool, it has the perfect amount of striking contrast for the t-shirt medium, I like the slogan too.

Here's one that nobody seems to understand but me....

posted : 2004.Dec.09 @ 9.05am
I like It, Mel!
Great facial expression on the center gal. Looks most familiar.
I too, may miss the message here ( I am slow ), but love it's crisp line work and whimsicallity.

posted : 2004.Dec.09 @ 3.57pm
hahaa, it's Martha Stewart. Molly Ringwald on the sides....

posted : 2004.Dec.09 @ 9.53pm
Great shirt, tiki, it will look stunning on a shirt.
That's alot of free beer Beer Toast

posted : 2004.Dec.10 @ 7.08am
So... It's a demented death walrus? Of doom?

posted : 2004.Dec.10 @ 11.37am
oh me oh my.....


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