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posted : 2005.Jan.26 @ 11.05am
Holy Wow! This one rocks, Scotty.
That last shot is great! Perfect actually. Idea
*pic was later changed*

posted : 2005.Jan.26 @ 12.00pm
scotty, that is absolutely exquisite. You've got a real talent. Do you think you'll paint/color it? Maybe we could colorize it in Photoshop and drop in some mythical landscape behind it. Clone 'em and make a whole army crossing the plains.

posted : 2005.Jan.26 @ 12.08pm
What do you think I was hinting at, Sandbag?
I already requested a larger version of the last shot.
I have been waiting for Scotty to finish it so I could do that. Wink

posted : 2005.Jan.27 @ 2.18am
it looks really good scotty. Cheers Cheers Cheers your sculture work is very impressive.

posted : 2005.Jan.27 @ 10.26am
Thanks you guys....I really appreciate the boosts. (I dunno why, but Air, when you wrote HOLY made me laugh out loud...I dunno why) Very Happy

The fact that I forgot to add in the little wooden shoes to the riders feet was bothering me to know I sculpted them in...added a bit more skin textures (lines and creases really is all) and then re-took the photos. I replaced the old photos with the new ones. (Hope I didn't screw ya Air on the Photoshop thing by doing this)Embarassed

posted : 2005.Jan.27 @ 11.30am
Scotty! That's amazing! Great pics. Love the rider, all the straps... the saddle... the staff, the details on the Liz. Great stuff.

posted : 2005.Jan.27 @ 3.22pm
Good job. Nice surface texture on it.


posted : 2005.Jan.30 @ 8.13am
Thanks Tiki and Dusty...I'm getting started on my next sculpts now...and will post them up when I get far enough into them. (I'll try to take progress photos..but no promises) Once I get going it's easy to forget. d'oh!

posted : 2005.Jan.30 @ 2.37pm
Well, I'm not the best in the world, by far, but I thought I'd give a shot at colorizifying the statue. No background as of yet, but if I'm feeling ambitious, I may very well give that a try too.

posted : 2005.Jan.30 @ 3.57pm
This is beautiful, i'm well impressed.

I'm rather intrested in doing some sculpture myself. What kind of clay/sculpt are you using? and in addition what might be the best thing to use. If i'm to do lots of detail and such. The only thing i've ever sculpted with was really low grade traditional clay that would dry out in 30 min.

I guess i'm looking for something realloy flexible

any suggestions oh sculpting master?


posted : 2005.Jan.31 @ 4.34am
Thanks Jeskar.....that's looking pretty cool. Cool In my mind when I imagined this thing...I pictured the creature being able to alter it's color to fit into it's surroundings. (hence the bit o' chameleon in him) Ideal for when the rider has to go out and scout the land. When in the tall grasses it'd be virtually impossible to see because it could match it's skin to the tones of the grasses and shadows. If in the'd be much darker in tone. Pretty cool huh? Man, I gotta get my story done. So people can read it, and maybe Pixar, ILM, or WETA will want to make it into a film. Hey I can dream right?Very Happy

Hey thanks Poxin! I'll try to steer you in the right direction.

The medium of choice...especially for beginners is Super Sculpey. (Actually there are many PROS that use this stuff still, and swear by this is why I recommend it to you) Smile

It is fairly soft, and only hardens when you heat it in an oven. (which makes it perfect for when you wanna take your time with a sculpt, and are trying to learn as you go) I myself mix in a small square of black and one white of Sculpey 3 or Premo Sculpey. It's made by the same company, and is basically used to take away the pink translucency of the Super Sculpey. Doing this makes it easier to see the details you're putting into the sculpt, since a lot of people will sculpt something as is, and after they harden it....all kinds of imperfections show up that could have been avoided pre-bake. Now, becuase it's a soft NEED to construct an armature of some kind before you try doing anything with the clay. (something like I did on the first page of this thread for the Lizard) Basically try to make a shape with copper or aluminum wire....this is the "skeleton" of your creation, and keeps the soft clay from squishing itself. Just use common sense is what I mean....if your sculpting something that can't hold itself up...then build an armature that's sturdy enough to support the weight. I also use aluminum foil to bulk up certain areas just to save on clay and keep the sculpt as light in weight as possible. If you use this...squeeze it tight to the wire armature, and then wrap a thinner guage of wire around that to hold it in place.Wink

I just ordered some stuff called Castilene which is what toy companies like McFarlane use when making their prototypes. It's definitely more for the advanced sculptor, but we'll see how that goes. It pretty-much works the exact opposite of Super Sculpey.

Anyhow....that's the stuff I use...if you have any questions feel free to let 'em fly. I'll do my best to help.

OH....I should probably tell you where to GET the stuff huh? Check out almost any arts and crafts store. (MICHAELS should carry everything you'd need) I dunno what stores you guys have out West, but here in Ontario it's Michaels. Oh, and I highly recommend picking up some sculpting tools as well.....I started out with this stuff about 2 years ago now from nothing, and taught myself to sculpt using a butter knife and toothpicks...(not ideal)...but once I bought some tools like these....

...I took right off.

Good luck clearly have the imagination and drive for art from what I've seen, and I bet you could really sculpt some wicked pieces.


posted : 2005.Feb.13 @ 2.51pm
Scotty, when I first saw this sculpt it resonated with me. I knew from second one that I needed to do this. It was so fun! I'm not sure if it will ever be done though. I keep working on it, seeing new things to tweak but I really need to go outside today. I used two pics, one for each lizard. The environment is a reconfigured Pox moment with a sprinkling of Air flowers.

Here is a detail of my favorite area to work on. It reminds me so much of Trent's art.

Click either image above for a desktop version. I will be making more sizes soon.
Scotty, nice intro to Scupley by the way! I know Silky used to rock the Super S back in the day.

posted : 2005.Feb.13 @ 2.57pm
I was lucky enough to witness some of this beautious piece as it was coming together.
Air once again displays his wicked eye for lighting, color and atmosphere. I raise mine wooden ale flask high unto thee! Cheers Rock RockRockRockRock Cheers


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