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posted : 2004.Nov.30 @ 4.28pm
I've had this thing in my head for a while now, and decided to sculpt it out.
I have a long way to go yet, as it is still pretty rough, but it's starting to resemble what I imagined already in a lot of ways. Smile

Here's from the Armature to where I am now....

*some images no longer hosted*

posted : 2004.Dec.01 @ 7.14am
I dig where you put the nostrils. Very Happy
Given the detail that has begun around the eyes this one looks
like it's gonna be super cool. Is that wire on his back for a little rider?
Do you strive for anatomical functionality with your fantasy critters?
Nice to see the armature! This WIP will have to go all the way to
digital composite, from tin foil to ones and zeros!

posted : 2004.Dec.01 @ 9.45am
That's awsome! So you just use wire and tinfoil? I was wondering how the cooking process would go with that massive amount of clay.. but it's not a massive amount! Sweet! I should redo those 'shrooms I have goin so I don't waste as much clay as I have.. >_> <_<

Awsome, big guy.. you're definately an inspiration!

posted : 2004.Dec.02 @ 8.01am
Awesome Scotty. There's great detailing in this! How much is from direct reference and how much from just in your noggin?

posted : 2004.Dec.02 @ 8.48am
Thanks guys....your reponses mean a lot to me. I'm usually nervous to show works that I do from my imagination, but I trust your eyes. Wink

I try my best to make my creatures as functional as possible Air....I'm always learning, and doing my best to improve in that area. (seeing as how making something appear like it could actually live is important to me, and any future companies I may work for)
Here's my thinking behind this one....

In this sculpt, it's at it's just standing there. It's legs extend for running and bounding. I envisioned the lower legs to have some "give" to them (thin, soft bone surrounded by very dense cartilage) they bend a bit, but snap back for jumping...if you get my meaning. (notice the "bow" in them) If they break a leg...they are a horse...because cartilage doesn't heal. It is very tough though, and takes a lot to break. I considered doing it running at first, and would have had one leg extended and thrusting forward, while having the other leg drawn up somewhat preparing to do the same (like you'd see in most dinosaur sketches)...maybe I still will...I dunno. I'm usually very indecisive until a sculpt is completed, but have a blast along the way anyhow.Wink

Oh, and Mark, I based it (albeit loosely) on the Ornithomimus, the fastest of the dinosaurs....I decided on that a long time ago when I was trying to dream up something for my story. I picked up the Dinosaur Society's DINOSAUR ENCYCLOPEDIA a while back, and love it. Over 400 illustrations, and over 600 species in it. This sculpt is mostly from my imagination though...I only used the reference for ideas on bone structure. Smile

posted : 2004.Dec.02 @ 8.52am
shiaat.. that's even more impressive scotty...great work. Cheers

posted : 2004.Dec.02 @ 9.25am
very nice.
its also really cool to see it start off in skeletal form.

posted : 2005.Jan.03 @ 5.56am
Been a while since last update...busy busy busy. Thanks all for the replies so far...I still actually have some work to do on it, but it's almost done. Smile

*image no longer hosted*

posted : 2005.Jan.03 @ 9.05am
Niceness. I like the scale of the critter now that he has a rider.
Does he get bit and bridle? Got any close ups of the lizard's face?
I also love the style of hat the rider is wearing.

posted : 2005.Jan.04 @ 1.43pm
Thanks Air! I'll post up new pics with different angles soon. I've added straps and such since that last shot...and have still more to do. We will see how it turns out. Currently I am preparing shots of my Giant Crab and Giant Mantis sculpts for submission to SPECTRUM...hopefully I get in.Pray

For those who don't know what Spectrum is...

posted : 2005.Jan.07 @ 6.15am
Here's an update on the Lizard Rider. I still have a little more to do on it, but since I'm not concrete on how I want to finish it...I figured I'd take pics of it as it is. (for now) Sorry about the darkness of the pics..I usually do better than that lighting-wise.

Thanks for looking! Smile

posted : 2005.Jan.07 @ 10.05am
This dude rocks!

These are like unrendered maya stills from a sci fi movie. The angles and closeness really help to bring the sculpt alive. I swear, your fantasy pieces remind me so much of how Trent draws. He is launching Aquatic Moon and wants to put out all sorts of cool fantasy media... hmmmmmm. Keep it up, Scotty! Your sculpts are sweet and really help to balance out this photo heavy environment (fora)... even though we are only looking at photos... I didn't get enough sleep last night...

posted : 2005.Jan.26 @ 10.57am
Thanks Air! I checked out his stuff, and can definitely see what you mean. Very cool! Smile

Well, I finally got around to finishing the Lizard Rider from the story I'm writing. After being severely sick, and missing out on a lot of's finally done...or at least as done as it's gonna be for now.

The rider uses the ropes in his hand simply for keeping balance, because this thing likes to run, and once it gets out in the REALLY moves. Smile The wooden pole with the ball on the end is used to let the creature know which way to turn and when to do it. The rider uses the pole to tap either the left or right side of the crest on the creatures head. I'm typing this out simply so you will all understand my reasons for the design. I wanted to do something different from the usual "horse-styled reins" you would normally see. I really let my imagination run rampant on this one, and hopefully you all can imagine this thing scampering across the open fields of you minds as it rears it's head back and forth leaving a cloud of dust in it's wake. it is...maybe one day we can see it alive in a film. In the very least hopefully I did my job well enough for you to imagine it in motion.

Thanks for looking! Wink


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