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index « biological « event » March 26, 2005 TOGA PARTY!

posted : 2004.Nov.29 @ 10.10pm
Every January for the last few years we've had a party to celebrate our birthdays. Every year the police come because we're having too much fun. This year we can make as much noise as we want, because we've rented out a club, found some great DJs and are throwing a Tarzan and Jane theme party! And all Pod Dwellers are certainly invited!

Attending Burning Man this year put us in touch with a wonderful group of people. Valerie, the Vibe Goddess, will be headlining our show. We're flying her in from Tahoe, along with DJ Switch. My roomie, DJ Blue, and local DJ Hawk will also spin. We have the Urban Tribal Dance Squad doing a few choreographed dance sets. I'll be doing some trippy visuals using my G4 laptop, software and DVDs (and some pod dweller art). We're talking to some drummers, who can add even more energy to what the DJ is doing. And I just completed the website, which DJ profiles, photo galleries of past parties, and more. Whew... that was a lot of work (and I have the feeling it ain't over yet...) All in all it's been exciting planning an event as big as this.

Check out the site, and signup for the email list! There's a video of Valerie in action on the homepage. Any comments and ideas about the site or the event are welcome.

>> Visit the Sandcastle Events website <<

posted : 2004.Nov.30 @ 10.33am
That is so awsome. If I'm lucky enough to win the lotto between now and then I'll go.. other than that you guys'll have to take lots of pics so we out of country people can get a taste of the action as well! ^_^

Wow.. I didn't realise there were so many people who had birthdays in January.. I get to have a massive birthday party with, like 5 other birthday goers here in Calgary as well! It's awsome!

posted : 2004.Nov.30 @ 2.37pm
i am changing my birthday to january...

posted : 2004.Nov.30 @ 4.33pm
I swear that tarzan looks like Air... at least his head does....


posted : 2005.Jan.28 @ 10.19am
Wish I would have seen this, I work on garnet, just down the way!


posted : 2005.Jan.28 @ 10.31am

It was epic. Go check out the pics.
You can catch the next one in March.
Toga! Toga! Toga!

posted : 2005.Jan.28 @ 11.08am

Click to visit the Sandcastle Events site.

Yes, the TOGA party is planned, and I'd love to see all PODCELLS at the event!

Check out the pics in the Sandcastle gallery to see how much fun the last party was (or just look at Air and Ang's costumes above)

DJ Wolfie performed at the Sea of Dreams New Years Eve party in LA. Here's his pics from that event.

toga... Toga... TOGA!!!

posted : 2005.Jan.28 @ 11.20am
Looks fun!

posted : 2005.Jan.28 @ 11.36am
E Gods that looks fun. Two more weeks of deadline crunch and I'm a free Podling again. When did you say the toga was?


posted : 2005.Jan.28 @ 11.47am
March 26

posted : 2005.Jan.28 @ 11.54am
Yes there is silly boy.

Look at the Lens surround.

posted : 2005.Jan.28 @ 11.56am
Fog, what ever are you talking about?

posted : 2005.Jan.28 @ 1.44pm
it's not a lens, it's a speaker


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