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posted : 2004.Nov.29 @ 3.37pm

This is the first image i've got to make for my own enjoyment in a long time. I might adapt this for a cd cover.

Comments and criticism appreciated.

posted : 2004.Nov.29 @ 9.26pm

I think i like it more aligned vertically.

posted : 2004.Dec.05 @ 3.31pm
i prefer it alligned vertically as well. What's the story behind this logo?

posted : 2004.Dec.05 @ 7.06pm
Well it came about like this. I wanted something distinct and recognizable to tie together my cds, my web sites and all my promotional work.

I've noticed that with local music a lot of times people have a hard time keeping track of all the band names, if theyre good or not etc. I figured if I could devise a logo that would be plastered over everything i did maybe the bands name would stick more, and maybe if people started seeing the same logo on a couple of showbills they'd start looking out for it in the future.

It was first used when I drew up the design of my first site which is now defunct.

Then there was this version:

And finally it was "vectorized" and tweaked and became the form that its in now.


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