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posted : 2006.Jun.28 @ 10.38am
this is a coffee table book in and of itself
do not stop. this is not too many images, not this stuff

posted : 2006.Jul.01 @ 4.39pm

aaah mark, you and that man work wonders together Wink

posted : 2006.Jul.23 @ 10.46am
Mark, you, genius you!!! Splendid stuff!!!

posted : 2006.Jul.30 @ 7.50pm
Mark, as always, you are amazing. The color and composition are incredible... you should do this for a living... oh.
Dman: AWESOME - looking forward to seeing some of those on my trip down to LA next week.

Here's a chunk from last summer in the Rockies (Hwy#70 looking west from Denver)


posted : 2006.Aug.07 @ 7.29pm

posted : 2006.Oct.29 @ 7.08pm
Fog, thanx, but gotta disappoint you... You will certainly find great sunsets in LA, while these are from Koh Samui, Thailand, where I reside these days. Cool
But I am sure LA will throw a few nice ones at ya!
BTW, to anyone who knows Nigel Mills, his restaurant "Nigel's Grill" is right down (if you draw straight line down from the letter G in Grill) on the first photo... Very Happy
Fog - were you scared taking this photo in the middle? You still had to make it to the side of the road... Shocked Razz
Becky - sweet angle - many lines in all directions --- > LIKE!

posted : 2007.Jan.02 @ 8.31pm
My brother took these a couple of days ago.

posted : 2007.Jan.12 @ 3.07pm
bc skies

posted : 2007.Jan.13 @ 9.28am
niceee, especially the first.

posted : 2007.Jan.17 @ 7.50am
loved the second one - curly trees... what could be better?!?!?!?
So, BC is good to you Air?! Laughing

posted : 2007.Feb.12 @ 12.27pm

posted : 2007.Mar.03 @ 8.09am
Cool photo Becky, though I'm concerned...
what caused those clouds do be so blackened?
Documentation of smokestack stinkiness I presume?
Thanks! So much contemplative beauty...
As long as the sun keeps shining...

posted : 2007.Mar.03 @ 10.06am
glad you like it, you know it is an inversion of the original and then i messed with the colors and black in cmyk. so no real pollution, yay!


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