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posted : 2004.Nov.24 @ 9.56pm
Visiting this city for four days was absolutely awesome! Good food, friendly people, and
lots of sights to see full of culture and history.

St. Louis Cathedral - the oldest active cathedral in the United States

inside of the Cathedral

World Trade Center

real "frozen" people

signs I had to capture

We took the Mardi Gras World tour and saw where larger-than-life props are made for carnival floats

Street performers galore in the French Quarter

In the city

posted : 2004.Nov.24 @ 10.44pm
This is a ruling class thread!
I love these pics. Awesome variety.
Such strong compositions. Applause CheersCheersCheers

posted : 2004.Nov.25 @ 7.49pm
I'm just curious how much editing was done to the picture of St. Louis Cathedral? The colors seem so strong.

posted : 2004.Nov.25 @ 11.05pm
jamberi- yes, I went a little overboard on the yellow for a dramatic effect.
here is the photo with no color mods:

--> Cathedral <--

posted : 2004.Nov.26 @ 6.04am
I second Air's comments.
This is a well balanced, ruling class batch of photos.

It is execllent that you are shooting more people.
The real frozen dude with the dog stands out in particular.

Look at the shot with the street performers in red shorts,
where the one dude is doing a handstand on the other's knees:

I challenge your rapidly expanding photoshop skills
to use the rubber stamp tool
and hide of the man walking by in the background.

The garbage can may want join him as well.

posted : 2004.Nov.26 @ 10.07am
Phong, that thought entered my mind, but looking at all of the street photos, that was the one
with the least amount of distractions. However, I accept your challenge Smile

--> Street 1<--

Here is another feat with some distractions already taken out (duffel bag, cd player on top
of a box), and others left to the imagination:

--> Street 2 <--

posted : 2004.Nov.26 @ 10.42am
Amazing amazing amazing! Every photo is a window into the New Orleans world. Just great stuff....shot so adequately. Smile


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