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posted : 2004.Nov.19 @ 3.47am
audial perception of time.
a cursor moves over the clock
and plays tones
depending on it's vertical status. (for OSX)

>> hear a sample

posted : 2004.Nov.24 @ 5.49pm
interesting. it's like the old piano rolls, with punched tape. i like the number seven. five is my least favorite. what if you could make it so you uploaded an image, then it went through the image by brightness and played the pixels. that would be weird.

(by the way, the zip download files didn't open, i'm on osx. web one worked.)

posted : 2004.Dec.01 @ 8.43am
did it have an error or say anything, or did the file just not open?

posted : 2004.Dec.01 @ 10.22am
i unzip clocksong, get a folder called clocksong with two folders inside (__MACOSX and Clocksong folder). There is only one file,clocksong, , it's in the Clocksong folder, when I try to open it, it says it doesn't know which application to use to open it.

posted : 2004.Dec.01 @ 12.35pm
okay, i uploaded a new zip.
this time i put it in a .dmg first.
let me know if it works.

posted : 2004.Dec.11 @ 11.56am
marc, yes, that did the trick! Got anymore maxMSP experiments to share?
that is some really cool stuff, too.

posted : 2004.Dec.11 @ 3.07pm
to listen to:

to play with:

and a new one -> Button

i started to learn processing but i dont have much time to work with it right now.
i will post as soon as i have some output.
have you worked with it at all?

posted : 2005.Jan.29 @ 4.05pm
Now that I have my new G5 and the super buttery OSX I can use it!
Very ambient. I drew extra pixels into the clock and it seemed to read them
but the up/down arrows did nothing. I'm with Sandbag. Post more MAX patches!

Hey, you guys wanna see Marc's patch?! It's ok. It's work safe >> Clocksong Patch

Button Mania is cool too! "We" should rework the graphics for that one.
I'd like to see a couple more iterations as well. Very Happy

posted : 2005.Jan.30 @ 3.59am
haha, welcome to the OSX world.
if you weren't doing this already,
you have to press the arrows alot to have any noticeable change.
each press increments it by 1 ms.
holding the arrows down will not change the speed, unfortunately.

for now, you can also do this in the patch,
the numbox is over near the bottom right
in between [counter 0 500 3000] and [s metspeed].
you can either click the box and drag up or down,
or click on it and then type a number (and hit enter).

dont worry, i have another patch almost ready for posting,
and it doesn't have the same speed changing problem.

thanks for posting the patch pic Very Happy

buttonmania: what kind of graphic reworkings do you have in mind?


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