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posted : 2004.Nov.16 @ 3.44pm

An attempt at working out something graphically pleasing through patterned transformation.

posted : 2004.Nov.16 @ 4.02pm
Warped by a spacetime flux
the Astral Blossom grows from within
the deepest reaches of the thirdeye.
The big one made me dizzy.

posted : 2004.Nov.22 @ 1.06pm
Beautiful! Love, love, love the colors....

posted : 2005.Jan.14 @ 11.51am

posted : 2005.Jan.18 @ 7.18am
^that's so hot.

posted : 2005.Jan.22 @ 2.34am
thanks Very Happy it used to be a photograph but I don't remember which one Embarassed
it would be cool to show a before and after.

posted : 2005.Jan.24 @ 7.54pm
if you ever find it i'd be really interested in seeing the before shot


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