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posted : 2004.Nov.13 @ 10.35pm
Hello every one this is my first post here on the fora, so thank you to Poxin for the invite....

Well i will start by posting the most resent phototrek, for Poxin and Fleshkandie these are old news now, but none the less I hope every one else likes them.

1 ~ Gooberphish ~ { say awh }

2 ~ coffeemanboy ~ { dont center your subject....pfftt }

3 ~ Jagoda ~ { AKA Fleshkandie }

4 ~ Jags ~ { LIKE OMG }

5 ~ Shawn ~ { Fruitstick }

6 ~ Shawn and Becky ~ { AKA Poxin and Curator }

7 ~ teh evil ~ { muhaha }

8 ~ Megapokie beckgoda ~ { merge to initiate mega turbo altra cute ray beam attack }

Well thats it for now kiddies....

posted : 2004.Nov.14 @ 8.32am
yay for boo.
who knew?
you may be new, though you eat raw...


good pics, yet more focus would be the order of the day.
especially on the poxinator.

these face look slightly familiar- I dig your perspective.
yum yum fish.

posted : 2004.Nov.14 @ 11.07am
Welcome, welcome.

Good to have you here. Things in other smelly places are getting ugly. The sweetness of the fora will soon come to bloom.

May i present boo, a face to the name.

If i may i might.

Very Happy

posted : 2004.Nov.14 @ 10.53pm
how wonderful of you boo,
to have derived from teh poooooo

i'm glad you finally got your invite.
it just wouldn't've been the same without you

posted : 2004.Nov.15 @ 7.39am
Welcomeness indeed to another cherished BC deity.
These fuzzy sepia moments possess a genuine sweetness.
I feel the love energy flowing between you. It's evident in your faces.
As Phong once said to me a photo can increase greatly in interest if you
are attached to the subject. After a couple years of watching my Northern friends
live and grow through their photography this set rocks me based soley on its' subject matter.

It's nice that your orbital paths found their way here again. The fora is already in bloom and
the cosmic flowers that each of you are compliment and strengthen this living garden of souls.


posted : 2004.Nov.15 @ 5.48pm
Your all to kind and yes fleshie dear, it just wouldnt be the same with out you either love.

well must keep up the with the visual picture show....

1 ~ Katt ~ { Beer did this }

2 ~ Cablight ~ { some times it just happens }

4 ~ a flash not with standing ~ { time stood still }

4 ~Three of a kind ~ { I miss you all }

posted : 2004.Nov.16 @ 9.36am
noo boo, helloo to yooo.

good to see ya here.

posted : 2004.Nov.16 @ 3.34pm
this is the pretty part of the gene pool


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