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posted : 2004.Nov.11 @ 12.00am
Sandbag and I visited the Encinas wastewater plant in Carlsbad, CA to
take pics for his client's web site. Yes, it was a bit stinky in some areas,
yet there was lots of nice geometric shapes and angles.





5 dense poop in motion






11 so many signs all over the place...

Got machinery? Post them here. Very Happy

posted : 2004.Nov.11 @ 12.15am
Ahhh... nothing like the sun shining on the poop pipes in the morning.

Spookier poop pipes:

posted : 2004.Nov.11 @ 1.09pm
Awesome....I'm actually just working on some textures for a water treatment facility type location. Thanks for the quick reference. Wink


posted : 2004.Nov.11 @ 2.13pm
Ang, Sandbag,

This set of photos rules. I especially like the composition of #2.
"Spookier poop pipes"Shocked has a nice ambience goin on.

good stuff

posted : 2004.Nov.11 @ 4.14pm
Sandbag ~ I dig your slanty angles- gross and subtle.

Ang ~ The themed sign piece is great. Your photographic eye has unfolded dramatically in the past couple months. I see alot of awareness and balance invested in each shot, perceiving your elegant intuition scoping out the scene- distilling it to it's primordial forms, captured with consciousness of the gross effect, aligned with the pattern of the subtle.

It is wonderful to see your development. Applause

posted : 2004.Nov.11 @ 4.41pm
Great thread. Fun theme. Rychard will love this.
Ang, strong compositions and a tight color story.
I second Phong's comments. Number two is perfect.

Sandbag, nice lighting and creepy green overtones.

On the Planet of the Machines there are many wires.

posted : 2004.Nov.12 @ 8.13am
Thanks everyone! Very Happy

posted : 2004.Nov.12 @ 12.04pm
Those poop pipes bring back sense memories of childhoods and gooey nickelodeon gameshows.

posted : 2004.Nov.12 @ 8.11pm
now i can tell ! - ang is one of my favs to look at... i mean her photos Embarassed to look at... Great pics, Ang!!! really impressive - from comps to colour schemes Exclamation

posted : 2004.Nov.13 @ 8.04am
Ang, and Sandy,
While I hate to give Air the satisfaction of being right again,
Wonderful composition, subtle colors and all about geometry.
Thanks for braving the stink and bringing back these great photos.

posted : 2004.Nov.15 @ 10.31pm
And to supplement your knowledge of what happens to your poop:

The facility we went to treats the sewage for about 7 townships around us. I'm not sure why they chose to put it on land with an epic oceanview, I'd think it would be more valuable as something else. Anyway, most of filtration is by gravity, meaning they put it into large tanks or run it slowly through a maze-like system to let the solids settle on the bottom. They also put in some polymers to encourage binding and settling. The solids are taken and dried, put on trucks and taken to Arizona as fertilizer for large farms. They are soon to be installing a new drying system, to get much more moisture out, enabling them to ship many times more solids in the same truck space. (See Ang's 'dense poop in motion' shot)

There were computer screens in many buildings, showing visually the flow rates, which pumps were on, etc. Pumps and valves could be controlled remotely. Some rooms had racks and racks of grey cabinets, with lights and dials, much more than I expected at a facility like this.

The circular tanks are near the last phase of the process. There are vacuums that go around the tanks at the bottom to clean them. Most of the tank in underground, they looked around 20ft deep.

There are other circular tanks that aren't open at the top. They put microbes in there to eat the sewage and create methane gas. They use it to generate electricity for the plant. Amazingly, they generate 100% of their energy! (This phase is near the beginning of the process)

The wastewater guys were nice enough to not require me to go into the building where the sewage arrives. Pheeeewwwww. By the sound of it, they never want to go near there! Most of the other areas were not that smelly at all.

I'm probably going to end up learning more than I ever wanted to know about this subject, because I'll be making a Flash animation of it. Sick

posted : 2004.Nov.24 @ 5.47pm

posted : 2004.Nov.27 @ 9.48pm


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