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posted : 2005.Mar.23 @ 5.12am
melo: Cheers classic shot.

posted : 2005.Mar.31 @ 1.36am
thanks mark Very Happy






posted : 2005.Apr.03 @ 1.46pm

posted : 2005.Apr.03 @ 5.25pm
Oh my gosh, Air! Pretty machinery, beautiful colors. Nice, nice, nice.

posted : 2005.May.12 @ 8.33pm
Gritty Trainage.

posted : 2005.Jul.06 @ 9.44am
fire up the machines thread!

posted : 2005.Jul.24 @ 12.33pm
just thought i'd breeze in with these:

posted : 2005.Jul.24 @ 6.14pm
Good God Mark.

#1,#4, and #6 are fantasic. #1 blows my mind. Being able to get the crisp center with the motion blurred fan-blades is just excellent,... and from the looks of it, in rapidly changing lighting conditions...

#4,... You are "Contrast Man" with a large letter "C" on your chest.



posted : 2005.Jul.25 @ 2.38am
fog cheers!, sometimes i should lay off the contrast a bit. Yeah the weather was very changeable it started of bland and grey, such as in the first shot, then a storm moved in so i got some as it came over then went to get food as it hit and came back at dusk after it had left. Very Happy

posted : 2005.Jul.26 @ 12.05am
shizang, markasis!

settlers in my mind
from another time
cautiously approach this landscape,
gazing in awe of the seemingly alien archetecture
manifested with substantial hugeness.

what is this great find?
am I dreaming or alive?

yet knowing here I sit,
admiring these forms of which,
engineered to perfection,
reflect the eternal patterns
of physics.


posted : 2005.Jul.27 @ 3.41pm
phong: cheers! Cheers Cheers

posted : 2005.Jul.28 @ 4.46am've done it again man. 1 and 4 are my favs. You bring the best moods with your photos.Very Happy

posted : 2005.Sep.19 @ 11.32pm
mark those are the best man. the first one.... so damn silky!

these are all taken in super harsh sun and underexposed about 5 stops.
fun fun fun


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