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posted : 2005.Mar.02 @ 11.41am
Wow Anson,

That was quite an enlightening read. You have quite a way with words. =)

posted : 2005.Mar.03 @ 1.22am
phong. its funny to hear you using a game to efficiently describe life and perceptions of reality in contrast to the kinds of things you were saying in the metaverse thread, but i do understand the different contexts.

similar to tagme, rejecting all religious beliefs, i had always imagined death as the [absolute end] -- my awareness is the only validity i have of the world's existence in the first place. my view was influenced very recently when i listened to Alan Watts describe a common perception of life ( "an interlude of consciousness between infinite nothingness" ) as just another social construct, like any other religious belief.

anything we ever will always be influenced by social constructs in one way or another. it's unavoidable. keep on guessing.

posted : 2005.Mar.03 @ 8.03am
Ever considered how your senses drive your logic and actions?

As humans our primary sense is sight and our logic and patterns of thought are primarily driven by the here and the now, working in conjunction with your memories.

Now compare that to dog. A dog will use smell as one of, if not, the primary sense. When it surveys a city park it not only sees trees but the a history of the passage of creatures, canine and otherwise, through it's sense of smell. You could use the analogy of vapour trails from planes, criss crossing the landscape, dogs can see a history of a scene that is hidden from us. It could also explain why they stare at stuff that just isn't there.

This got me to thinking about me and sight. Sight is the one thing that would cripple me to be without, what would I do if I lose it? I'd actually like to get myself into a position where I can devote a few weeks of my life into "being blind", restricting myself so that I can not see, relying on my hearing and actively recording this through photography. Trying to use the medium of sound to drive a medium of sight and seeing what I can translate from that experience....

posted : 2005.Mar.07 @ 4.10pm
That's interesting you bring that up.
My best friend's grandfather was a photographer. Towards the end of his life he lost most of his eyesight, but he never stopped taking photos. He knew the environment so well at his house and in the little studio/darkroom in the garage that he was still able to produce amazing work.
Kind of like Master Po in Kung Fu Laughing
It's interesting to ponder how much of our senses actually go into photography other than just sight.

It'd be an awesome project.

posted : 2005.Mar.11 @ 5.10am
melo, wow, i guess after a while it does become much more automatic. I just hope i get a chance to try this at a time when i can view the results afterwards.

posted : 2005.Apr.20 @ 6.21am
I have this new inner glow within me. It tells me to create things with reckless abandon, and to edge each new node along its own path and never revisit previous nodes except to gather energy for the next growth.

the seed for this is my university webpage (which i offer as an example, not as a plug by any means) which i leave plain and ordinary and tasteless. a common ancestor to anything that grows from my vines. some things will evolve apart, and some things will converge along separate ancestery through my personal entropy.

although it is not a new beginning. more like a new direction. the department of phil has had a reorg. or maybe they are the drugs are talking.

posted : 2006.Apr.05 @ 3.51am
Your cosmik allies are speaking great wisdom to you, phillip-
let's all share the edge of growth and evolution!

Ok, so no answer is neccessary:

What kind of an institution is our society?
and how do you make peace with it?

...and how do pressurized collective paradigms manifest wars?

Is war inherant in the gross mechanics of society
residing at a denser state of consciousness?

How might this state be enlightened?

To you identify with the plane of energy
upon which you're reading these words
or would you not particularily care if it closed itself for healing
while you played in the gardens of infinity for ten thousand years?

Might total globalization
causing us to identify with one single society seed a nation of earth?
... and how deep of an impact would this have on global peace and economics?
( some of which rely heavily on an the industry of war )

Who would benefit from this and what dynasties would be toppled?
...and how much would they invest to ensure their longevity
based on the groups dynamics of their secretive social structure?

...and why do those dynastic paradigms tend to propogate
a pattern similar to their own all around themselves
(division, secrecy) like a propogating fungus
to protect themselves from the powers of infinite flow?

And how conscious is the fascist fungi,
and in what awareness is it rooted
and how do we share this awareness in our own paradigms?

Pssst... there is higher mystery.


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