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posted : 2009.Feb.18 @ 2.44am

veldstra that land looks wounded, good things you guys are holdin it down planting trees. thank you!


mark wow those shots are so clear it is amazing. it's easy to imagine being right there....


justin, I didn't even realize you took that shot, I love what you've done with it.

it's interesting to see the back of my own head... I didn't realize it was so round.

the whole battery appears 'illuminated'.   Wink

have you ever done any work in adobe after effects?




posted : 2009.Feb.20 @ 3.41pm

mark your landscapes blow my mind.

i would really like to see those wall to wall.

posted : 2009.Mar.18 @ 8.43pm

Yello, I am wth ya - Mark freaks me out!!! He too good, ain't he?! Could be result of alien abduction or something like this!! Smile



here's mine, next day after my girl brought Jake into the world, I came out to say thanks to the sky and all that LOL and saw Bangkok in the morning haze.


posted : 2009.Apr.26 @ 7.39am

walking with Jake through Lumpini Park, downtown Bangkok, couldn't help but stop and snap a few. To be fair, the best parks like these are in England, but it was still a good place with fresh air, lots of jogging Thais Smile and a few ponds.


sorry, no frame - shame on me!!! Smile



posted : 2009.Aug.10 @ 3.34pm

These 1st two pans were made from the top of the church in the downtown Cambridge (can't recall the name of it. Had to climb

500 Smile or so steps up through the rather narrow passage to get to the top). 









and the last one was shot from the top of the hill in the Primrose park, London. i had my old canon snapper and trying for panoramic

shot recalled of one important detail: it had to be done in Manual mode. So I took a couple of test shots and thought it might work. Well,

the result speaks for itself. However I must add that photos had to undergo substantial post-processing in order to make it

to this end-result (still a bit noisy, isn't it?!). After all I was shooting full zoom and small sensors just don't like it Smile - detail loss, noise reduction... (i need an upgrade! i suppose)




posted : 2009.Aug.13 @ 2.22am

Nice one Dman.

I really dig the looks of those old skool towns, the architecture  is way cool. 


I will add to your drop with another Waikiki pano.

Hurricane Felicia sent some nice rain our way these last few days. Calm, glassy, small surf needed to be ridden.









posted : 2009.Oct.02 @ 11.25am

Erik, thanx for bringing back sweet memories about the spot. Has been looking back at the beach front many times, sitting on the surfboard. May be not the prime spot for real surfing, it's a great place to meet good people from all over the world. And! I remember surfing it in pitch black night... now that was fun and the entire beach reflected in every wave!!!!



here's one of samui.


posted : 2009.Oct.06 @ 5.13pm

Heres a bunch of pans taken from various spots over the course of this summer.

posted : 2009.Oct.06 @ 5.15pm
Damn Photobucket and resizing images and lowering resolution.

posted : 2009.Oct.07 @ 2.08pm

the1stofall, this is odd... mine is off Photobucket! No resizing or lowering res. Did i get something wrong?

posted : 2009.Oct.10 @ 7.09pm
I dont know. Maybe I did. The actual photos I have on my  computer are much larger than the ones photobucket let me post... I dont know.... Anyone have any ideas?

BTW: Samui looks amazing. Im adding that to my list of destinations.

posted : 2009.Oct.21 @ 3.34pm

 the1stofall, i do believe that you may have some settings perhaps targeting some size (that is obviously not acceptable) when you upload your photos to Photobucket. Have you tried to go to Settings and check if there's anything pointing that way.



anyway, some Cambridge love coming your way. One of the many Colleges.


posted : 2009.Oct.21 @ 5.33pm

D-Man is in charge here!

This is how you do it, podlings!


No tiny panos please.


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