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posted : 2008.Dec.20 @ 12.28am

These are all great.  How about a vertoramic?

Taken out of a plane window above San Jose, CA.



posted : 2008.Dec.20 @ 3.10am

new territory Smile  -   it will take some creative thinking, i guess, but it's a pssibility!



sounds good too   ha-ha... good one , Air!

posted : 2009.Jan.16 @ 11.31am

 Malpaîs, Costa Rica.

You can see Sandbag in a hammock in the first pic.

posted : 2009.Feb.03 @ 7.10pm

 This is one of the most amazingly epic pieces of archetecture I have ever come across.

It's the Alhambra in Grenada Spain. It took some time to stitch it but not nearly as long as

it took to wait for all the tourists to exit the lower shot. 

posted : 2009.Feb.04 @ 10.48am

that is a great shot! and that is a pretty trippy looking tourist in the bottom part of the picture Wink is that a winged friend of yours or local bird of prey?


again, nice shot. that building looks amazing. 

posted : 2009.Feb.04 @ 11.44am


Fantastic shot! 

I just read about the Alhambra.  It has tesselations that, so says wikipedia, were inspiration for Escher.  See wikipedia article.

posted : 2009.Feb.04 @ 1.42pm
Inspiration for Escher huh. THat totally makes sense. That bird in the shot is actually a dear friend Ka, an exceptional artist, designer, and performer whose art can be viewed at 

posted : 2009.Feb.04 @ 3.53pm

posted : 2009.Feb.11 @ 8.27pm

Eco!!! <biting fingernails>... Why soooo short - DISAPPOINTED!!! In hopes for the same, but a longer version LOL. Looks da tits Smile


Winged pic is amazing! Art work - bow, bow, bow... Imaginative and magical.

posted : 2009.Feb.14 @ 12.06pm

Some sweet shots there.. treceluna how on earth did you manage to get that shot with no people! I was there in the off season and it was still rammed!


One from the archives, I was up here on the North West coast of Scotland last year, and I will be there again in 2 weeks. This is the view from just outside the front door of the cottage in which we stay... happy days.



posted : 2009.Feb.15 @ 11.41am

This is what Northern Saskatchewan looks like.  Unlike the terrain to the south there are actually hills there.   I spent last winter in a camp up there.  The people in charge were looking for Uranium which was in quite the abundance 700 metres below the surface.  I myself was not involved in this.  I was there to keep the camp running.  It was a relatively easy job.  At times hectic, other times extremely boring.  The workers there had a penchant for sattelite television and reality shows.  I think it was there that i first watched an entire episode of such mind numbing silliness.


Whenever it was warm or nice out i would engage myself in activities out of doors.  On this particular day I borrowed some snowshoes and hiked up an esker outside of camp.  If you scroll across this extremely wide pic you will first see the camp, and then the head frames of the two drills that were doing the exploring.  I didn't go back to the job this year.


wide lake


The hike up the Esker was very challenging even with snowshoes.  There was about 3 - 4 feet of snow up there.  It should be noted that there are no roads here.  It is all fly in.

posted : 2009.Feb.17 @ 3.47am

Frosty and Fog Bound Reservoir Derbyshire

Lady Bower Resevoir



Ballintoy Harbour, Northern Ireland.


posted : 2009.Feb.17 @ 4.50pm

Battery: Sunshine Coast, Bc


Sunshine Coast, Bc Canda


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