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posted : 2006.Oct.21 @ 10.47pm
Phongy! I almost want to see this last shot a bit lower and much farther to the right - Smile All this mystery, man!!!

My "long gone" and "could be" Cool g-friend Maria, gracefully posed in this beach scenario...

posted : 2006.Oct.22 @ 8.10pm
Phong,.. sad, temporary man-stuff against the unyeilding backdrop of Mo-Nature... really great juxtaposition.

Dman, wow dude. I love the many poses of the former love. Wistful and fresh. Where is that man? I'm all inspired...


posted : 2006.Oct.25 @ 2.04pm
phong dman both very different but very nice...I might have to do something similar dman...

posted : 2006.Nov.26 @ 6.44pm
dman, that's a great photocomposition.

I have been meaning to start this for a couple of months, seeing this thread inspired me to do it. This is my first panoramic photostitch, so its a bit of a mess if you look too closely. Compiled from 11 photos from a 3 megapixel point and shoot:

Phong I read your tutorial, the bit about changing the center pivot point and using the ALT key on transform was very helpful! I hadn't found that feature yet, thank you so much. Your tutorials, as always, provide meaning into my life. Namaste.


posted : 2006.Nov.28 @ 10.48pm

it's been a lucious winter wonderland, and i made a panoramic piece from a series of portraits shot near my school.

love inspires

posted : 2006.Nov.28 @ 10.56pm
I'm digging the mirror point. I'd crop that bit out and make fractal stuff out of it Smile thats delicious! I'm going to take my camera on my walk to work tomorrow, and capture some of this snowy magical goodness.

posted : 2006.Nov.29 @ 7.27am
There is a form just to the right of the centre that reminds me of an ice goddess reaching for the skies, her belly pregnant with the promise of things to come.

Very beautiful, Even.

Thank you.

posted : 2006.Nov.29 @ 7.52am

posted : 2006.Dec.03 @ 11.20am
Even my brudda, that is delicious!!!!

Delicious cloud-lush sky line of central B.C.

posted : 2006.Dec.30 @ 7.18pm
First of all, thanx for your comments, pod brothers and sisters. Second, ioTus, regardless of a few minor glitches (which are present to some extend in every huge panoramic), your work is nice. Colours what got me! and the serene chillnessness Cool of the place. Keep rocking...

Mirror Panoramic is sweet. I have to ponder it Laughing and see what else can be done with it. he-he...

Poxin, thanx for bringing pine-green back into my life. I have it palm-green all the way here.

fog, this is in Koh Samui, Thailand, man. And this is where I live at the moment.

Happiest New Year, podsters!!! Wink Razz Very Happy Twisted Evil Laughing Smile

posted : 2008.Jun.02 @ 11.37am

Alpine, CA early morning fog in the valley, thick as soup, and breathtakingly beautiful.

posted : 2008.Jun.04 @ 11.50pm
really nice shots everyone! sandbag those are sweet., an awesome sunrise scene to capture for sure.

here's where the warm waters meet metropolitan madness.


posted : 2008.Aug.03 @ 3.15am
Holly cra-aaap... Thanx, erik! Been there quite a few times and never had a chance to capture love from the aqua-sorta-side. I had some shots
but not close to be anything like this one. Nice colours of tropics - just perfect to bring memories back. Although I preferred North Shore ( Cool ),
I am happy to see South as well. Wink


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