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posted : 2004.Dec.18 @ 7.58am
My friend asked for my NYC PSD file. He did some work to the F*Up and color correction.

>>> CLICK HERE <<< to see the HUGE version. 5mb.

posted : 2005.Jan.03 @ 2.10pm
devoid of water
this place was once an ocean
nothing stays the same

posted : 2005.Jan.06 @ 2.55am
Mark Scholey uses fine technique to capture incredible beauty,
invertantly pointing out the shame hiding on the other side of our panoramic pride-
masterful work good sir.

thousand of miles away,

suburban sprawl invades the lushious mountain regions of Chilliwack,
providing spacious comfort for the modern settler
to boob his mind on the tube:

posted : 2005.Jan.06 @ 12.48pm
it grows like a cancer

are you from Chilliwack also, Phong?

posted : 2005.Jan.07 @ 5.45pm
yo indeed Melo- born & raised in the Whack.

dig this cellular explosion in the region-

although it's not panoramic, these unrelated images are:
The World Wide Panorama

There it is down there on the left:

Chilli Wack means River Valley in the native language:

posted : 2005.Jan.07 @ 6.10pm
when I look at this picture it makes me wonder what you were doing, and thinking.
I'm intrigued by chilliwack, no doubt because it produces such interesting people Wink

i didn't see these last two... nice, Iove the water shot.
oh damn! that link is awesome.... loooks like I'm not getting any work done before the weekend....

posted : 2005.Jan.10 @ 1.37am
here's standing beneath the snowfractal, pieced from four pics:

posted : 2005.Jan.10 @ 3.19am
phong, putting that tree picture together, must have been a nightmare! excellent work!

posted : 2005.Jan.27 @ 4.29am

posted : 2005.Feb.01 @ 10.57pm
i love the texture in those clouds, they look like clay or something.... well lit clay of coarse Wink

here's to getting wacky with color overlays and the like

posted : 2005.Feb.02 @ 1.19am
Mark~ that is one cosmic cloudscape in your pan. So smooth as it meets the ocean, such vast clarity... relaxing emptyness.
Melo~ I like in your pan how you can see the spirit of the plantlife still bursting forth in whatever nutritious soil lurks in the cracks of the city.

North Berkeley Hills ~ From Claremont Canyon Ridge Trail // Click for 5778 x 1070

Here is a way of aligning the rotation of multiple images to create a panorama:

1) Bring all the images into Photoshop document, and align them as closely as possible on overlapping layers.

2) Grab one of the upper layers and reduce the opacity to 50%, and align one part of the images perfectly, even if it's just one tiny point. Optimally, align a piece in the middle, near the borderline where the two images transition.

3) Press Ctrl+T to free transform the layer. Move the little pivot point on the free transform gizmo to the tiny point where the two images align, and then rotate and scale the layer until they align.

4) Hit ENTER and set the opacity back to 100%, and then add a mask to the overlapping layer. Paint Black on the mask to soften and hide the line where the two images transition. Toggle hiding the overlapping layer to check the goodness of the mask and alignment.

UC Berkeley Campus @ Sunset

posted : 2005.Feb.05 @ 11.09pm
My morning bike ride.

posted : 2005.Feb.06 @ 1.00am
Rychard that's awesome! It's like being in a big triangular prism.


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