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posted : 2004.Oct.27 @ 3.29pm
Greetz to your cellular organism!
We just finished off another viddy, this time for Em, another violent political song called Mosh.

MTV sent a runner to the bunker here in Berkeley to pick it up so they could be the first to have a broadcast version of it... and before I even woke up the next afternoon, the ten thousand teenie bopperz were gazing upon TRL in a maced daze.

You can dig it here @ phong, or here @, both courtesy of

Most of the viddy was animated in flash by Haik Hoisington, afftereffects by Steve Ogden and Kevin Elam who did the sick rotoscoping (vector tracing of video), which I then took into 3D Studio MAX, mapped onto 2d planes in 3d space, and animated as such.

The bits with Eminem rapping were shot by Ian Inaba on a greenscreen in Detroit a couple weeks ago, dropped out in aftereffects, and compositied in 3D studio with the same technique as the cartoons.

The whole thing was manifested by 7 of us in a time warped period of 5 weeks, which produced an mental state of weirdness primarily from the lack of sleep, though it's amazing what can happen with a little bit of matte and meditation to keep the mind up.

It'd be cool to see how the fora reflects upon the political madness. At the least it was gross enough too flog the mad karma tween Em and the Mobster.

Enjoy! Very Happy

posted : 2004.Oct.27 @ 5.16pm
Oh man!
I got the chills watching this video!
I have to agree with moby.
It'll definitely make a difference. Pray

posted : 2004.Oct.27 @ 5.29pm
Nice to see you, cellular brother.
Great vid. Moody, stompin', nice lighting,
subdued palette, nice variety of styles.
Nice post too, with sweet artist links to follow.
Tell them to join us here in the foradreamspace.

Much respect to the GNN Bunker and the Mosh Crew!

posted : 2004.Oct.28 @ 6.31pm
I mentioned this vid in class yesterday and every one of my students had already seen it.
Hows that for mass communication?

Thanks for helping to present an important message with so much grace and style.


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