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index « optical « random rem·e·dies - for my boredome

posted : 2004.Oct.25 @ 6.06pm
just some designs to cure my bordome..(keep my sanity) how do you save your sanity?? post it

posted : 2004.Oct.26 @ 6.25am
very-very lovely!!! love'em... cool shiny tech stuff!

posted : 2004.Oct.26 @ 6.44am
Shocked It is good you are bored! Stay bored!
Quadrophonic design goodness. Highend styles.
Leaf-colored technorganicflow, dentacular microtypery,
podular fantasy wetwear executed at the pixel level and
Ignited shards of sharpened angularity... sweet.

I haven't had time to be bored in over a year but these sorta fit here.

posted : 2004.Oct.26 @ 7.51am

posted : 2004.Oct.26 @ 9.22am
its all so complicated it makes my brain feel good

posted : 2004.Nov.01 @ 7.25pm
a couple more serve from a photoshop tennis match with a buddy.

by the way, I hope you guys dont think im racist for the nazi design a couple of posts ago. Confused

posted : 2004.Nov.03 @ 10.19am
Junkie a nazi nah.. besides those guys behind the guns look like brits or maybe canadian....

Love the baseball abnd beer images... it feels soooo long since i did anythign like that and no where near that standard.. great pieces!

air - love your nature / technology mix going on here.

posted : 2004.Nov.09 @ 3.06am
this has been floating around various hard drives of mine for several years now with absolutely no use whatsoever. But now the time has come to run free little turnbull graphic! The world is yours!
Very Happy

posted : 2004.Nov.09 @ 10.57am
I went to Tokyo in 98 and had a great time watching the Japanese designers come up with english word combinations that had a graphic appeal regardless of context. So I made some of my own.


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