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posted : 2011.Sep.21 @ 6.02pm

"God is the divine artist and the universe is the continually evolving masterpiece of creation."  

- Alex Grey



Pod's own Delvin collaborated with the CoSM media team Marisa, Eli and Syd, under the direction and guidance of Chief Editors Alex Grey and Allyson Grey to offer forthe an embodyment of Visionary Culture in its fantastic facets. Last years volume was on Human/Nature and explored people and the planet. This years journal is a journey beyond Earth and out into Cosmic Creativity.


In light of these creative innovations we created a media set of pictures and banners which shimmer with glipses of the content found within the journals pages. The featured cover art came from Allyson Grey.


With content from all continents, CoSM Journal reflects the emergence of visionaries in the fields of art, culture, science and spirituality from all over the planet. Like the Pod, the journal is a mosaic, a pastiche of patterns and convergence of communications sharing perspectives from the edges of the new conscious cultures.

Journeying through the clean minimal design come spread after spread of full bleed art with short articles interwoven. Shining through over 300 pages are some of the visionary heavyweights of the art culture including Ernst Fuchs, Amanda Sage, Allyson Grey, De Es Schwertberger, Alex Grey, Roberto Venosa, Mati Klarwein, Martina Hoffmann and Paul Laffoley.









Also included were amazing artists like Peter Gric, Lowry Burgess, Anderson Debernardi, Gil Bruvel, and John Miles.







Beyond the artists are visionary physicists and philosophers, thinkers, teachers and guides including revered elders like Flordemayo, Deepak Chopra, Jose Arguelles, Matthew Fox, Graham Hancock, and both brothers Mckenna. In addition is a global selection of fascinating content including a Zulu Shaman, an Israeli spiritual painter, a Kundalini Dance teacher from Australia and a group of Peruvian Maestras. Pictured here are samples from more of the feature content. 


As you peer through the pages you discover a universe of astrophotography from Nasa, Hubble, Neil Fleming, Jim Misty and Jason Ware taking you on celestial journey through the Cosmos.







Explore visionary culture through the lens of cosmic creativity with this special edition of CoSM Journal.  
CoSM Journal provides a forum for the emergence of visionary culture, sharing the work and stories of artists, thinkers, and community builders dedicated to transformative living, and committed to the integration of wisdom and the arts.  It is offered to inform, connect, and inspire this evolving global awareness.
available retail and wholesale from CoSM online store.


Allied with Vacio Cielo under the high Full Moon in the Elphinstone Rainforest at the end of a wharf out into the Pacific Ocean we did a small ceremonial release event, pod style!



Thanks to Vacio Cielo for the beautiful photos.


There was a rainbow overhead.


We met many birds at the end of the pier.



Together we build an altar.









Here is the article that Delvin delivered, with design by Marisa, Art by Pablo Amaringo and Photos by Poxin and Robyn Hume. 



This is one small part of a fleet of new media supporting the growth and development of the global visionary culture.



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