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posted : 2011.Feb.05 @ 12.01pm

I've decided to stop being a hippie and make a career as a clothing/jewelry designer, directing all of my other talents around that focus. I'm finally upgrading my pathetic website and got a Twitter account for my business. Here's the graphic i just created for Twitter and for my website

main page of


I was hoping to image map it to make links from all the images to other parts of the site, but now i see that Dreamweaver doesn't do this anymore. I guess i'm going to have to make slices in Photoshop, which is something new for me to learn. Any advice is much appreciated! If you're on Twitter you can follow me here!/gypsypalace7 and here's a link to my blog (i have several blogs, that's the one for my clothing line personal designer blog is here:


i really want to be more connected with other visionary artists so i'm backing way off of Facebook and will spend more time here. I'm also on Dreamcatcher, search for me as Gypsydreamer.


thanks for peepin....



posted : 2011.Feb.05 @ 12.01pm
btw it's easier to view the graphic in its entirety from the blog.


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