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posted : 2011.Feb.08 @ 2.03pm
I like the piece a lot.  but the visual weight is throwing me off a bit. there is the powerful bright portion in the upper right that is not being balanced by all the dark negative space on the left. so all my attention focuses to the center and right of the art with nothing drawing my attention back to the left.  i think adding some subtle little light specs around the left would help balance it out. but aside from that I think the subject and execution looks sweet.

posted : 2011.Feb.08 @ 6.01pm

Thanks for the critq Erik. I'm going to go back into the piece and relight / fix up some areas.



Edit: Here is the revised version:

posted : 2011.Feb.10 @ 10.23am

Good crit and great response.

The piece reads better now.


Justin, this thread is great.  You are shredding.

This latest piece is one of my favs.  I am a big fan 

of giving the eye places to rest and the calmer parts

here are letting the subject shine through better.

Good story telling too.



posted : 2011.Feb.10 @ 5.23pm


Thank you air, Yes right now I'm trying to focus in on less is more in my digital art pieces.

Its so easy to blow things out at every angle with computers that often subject and focus get lost.

I am practicing constraint while learning and implementing more tradional methods to my work. 


The tablet sure helps the process, since Up until this December I had been using a Mouse!!

When I fully equipt my intous 4, I noticed that my traditional techniques had been left in limbo while pursuing graphic design. 

 Although that road has offered me some great opportunity I am glad to be back on the path of exploring a more traditional approach to my digital art. 


posted : 2011.Feb.13 @ 3.18pm

Paths to Enlightenment: mediation.

I'm making this one into a hologram discussing three paths to enlightenment that I have experinced in my life.
1. Ascending and realizing the shadow ego.
2. Meditation, yoga and love.
3. The use of Entheogenic substances.

This is the middle frame of the hologram. As the images flip, the triangles on each image form a star tetrahedron , whil
e all the eyes line up interconnecting each experience.
I have been studying lentiulars in the community for awhile now, fiquring out what pops the most and what helps a card stand out more.
I want to aim at the card to be more than just an reflective artpiece, Have it contain useful information and links on the back side to websites pertaining to healing, visonary art and Enlightenment.

Here is a preview of the shift, I will upload the other frames when I dial them in some more.

posted : 2011.Feb.13 @ 3.47pm

looks sweet. i like what it represents.

let us know when they are available. is delvin going to be making them for the galactic trading cards?  


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