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posted : 2010.Dec.20 @ 5.25pm


This is a podular call out across the great podscapes of the world.


Are you a visionary, fantastic, spiritual or shamanic artist seeking to share your beauty with the world?


Here is a unique opportunity to share your work with a wider circle of the global art culture.

The new 'cosmic creativity' CoSM Journal is shaping up to be a historic volume with art features on Ernst Fuchs, Mati Klarwein, Robert Venosa, Amanda Sage, Martina Hoffmann, De Es Schwerberger, Peter Gric, as well as Alex and Allyson Grey.

In order to make this new volume happen, we need to raise printing and design costs through space sponsorships. Many artists live on a modest budget, so for painters, digital artists and photographers, we have created the 'Cosmic Gallery'



The new 'cosmic creativity' volume will be consciously printed, and also available in a new online edition format with clickable links connecting the Cosmic Gallery art with the artists website directly.

In hardcopy and softcopy form, the Journal will travel swiftly through the global media streams to the World Community.

CoSM Journal provides a forum to share your work with the planetary community including  art galleries, organizations, collectors, and art aficionados all across the world. Here is a conscious media opportunity to support, and be supported by, CoSM Journal while collaborating on the creation of this historic new volume.

Participating in this Journal also helps to support the mission of the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors to build an enduring sanctuary of visionary art to inspire every pilgrim's creative path and embody the values of love and perennial wisdom.



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