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posted : 2010.Nov.30 @ 7.22pm

posted : 2010.Dec.01 @ 2.32pm
So beautiful!! Great job! 

posted : 2010.Dec.01 @ 10.03pm

Nice work. You have some lighting skills. Love the mushroom scene. 

When do you graduate?  

posted : 2010.Dec.02 @ 2.05pm

Thank You<3

I have already graduated.  Now, I'm job hunting Smile

posted : 2010.Dec.05 @ 4.12am
What's the ideal job you're looking for?

posted : 2010.Dec.09 @ 1.44pm
My ideal job would be to work on a team doing 3D or 2D art design on an evolving project/vision like a movie or something along those lines.  Ideally to work with Jan Kounen or on a movie project like the Fountain with Darren Aronosky would amazing Very Happy  

posted : 2010.Dec.09 @ 1.46pm
But for now while searching I'm going to be working more on my 2D traditional artwork and a compositing demoreel.  

posted : 2010.Dec.09 @ 2.44pm
My collaboration sense is tingling. 

posted : 2010.Dec.09 @ 3.39pm

Very nice work!


I've been doing a lot of texture maps lately, i presume all of this is procedural?


I love how you synched the title with the singing bowl, creates a wide open space for the viewers. Nicely edited and everything...




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