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posted : 2010.Oct.12 @ 12.57pm

The GrandFather Paradox - Time dilation. 


This digital illustration took around 35-40 hours to complete. And is one of the most elaborate and deep pieces I have ever worked on. 

The sacred geometry is reflective towards deep mediation states, while the steam punk influenced design is inspired by living a spiritual life in a mechanical society.
Time dilation and time travel are thoughts that are always swimming around in my head and what better way
to illustrate this than by creating a DNA indulging, Sacred Geometry activated Grandfather Clock Time machine. 



The paradox is this: suppose a man travelled back in time and killed his biological grandfather before the latter met the traveller's grandmother. As a result, one of the traveller's parents (and by extension the traveller himself) would never have been conceived. This would imply that he could not have travelled back in time after all, which means the grandfather would still be alive, and the traveller would have been conceived allowing him to travel back in time and kill his grandfather. Thus each possibility seems to imply its own negation, a type of logical paradox.

Totemical ~ 2010 ~

Here is a detail shot of the middle: ( the file is a vector ) 


posted : 2010.Oct.13 @ 12.53pm

Wow. Obviously a lot of work went into this intricate piece of vector art.  I like it but would love to see it in color. 

Nice work.  

posted : 2010.Oct.13 @ 8.32pm

Thanks for sharing this! 





posted : 2010.Oct.16 @ 1.54am

I think , that if this piece should ever appear in color, the first post as BnW is the right one. Let's you concentrate on intricacy and detail of the clock.

Great post.


Did you have to work it nearly non-stop or was it a project lasting a few weeks (with a total of 45 hrs in it)? 

posted : 2010.Oct.16 @ 1.37pm

Hey guys! thanks for the replies.
Black and white was chosen with a few intentions while creating this piece and some of my other illustration designs. 
I Believe the contrast between black and white illustrations shows what is capable with one single  tone.
Also I feel there is a resonating Yin - Yang balance of darkness and Light that we all obtain to achieve inner balance.

The majority of my illustration work also remains black and white to translate easier on larger material like wheatpaste and silkscreen. 

I have plans for a color illustration series in the future but for now am aiming for my photography remixes to be my main source of color in my art.

To answer Dmaniac: the piece was done over the course of a couple weeks. Chipping away at it like a sculpture. 

Blessings as always ~ justin.  

posted : 2010.Oct.18 @ 5.25am

Wow!  Definitely a lot of time went into this!  Great work!

Very Happy



posted : 2010.Nov.30 @ 9.05am

You're a serious indigo talent, can't wait to see where you take your work in the future.



posted : 2010.Dec.18 @ 9.00am
great piece of art!!!! seriously how much for a large scale print????


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