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posted : 2010.Aug.30 @ 2.35am

Just a day walk through Brick Lane market, escaping Notting Hill festival madness and happy drunk crowd marching by our house. Smile)















































































































no funny comments this time... hope you enjoy. ta-ta... over and out 

posted : 2010.Aug.31 @ 1.47am
Nice Shots, D'man. That is quite a colorful cast of characters. There is graf and art is everywhere! pretty cool. I like that LATE piece (or is it ELATE or BLATE?) that is busting out of the bricks. And those black and white pencil style pieces are insane. So this is London? Vivid. 

posted : 2010.Sep.01 @ 9.37pm
fantastic collection. I felt like i was there walking with you. love the candids as always!

posted : 2010.Sep.07 @ 2.39pm
Hey, thanx, guys. Brick Lane is a part of London, East Side to be precise, that becomes a weekend market. Lots of street performers, cool shops, graffiti all over the place, very random characters walking streets and lots of nice Indian restaurants around as well. Fantastic time there as always. I went there with my family and it cut into my creativity a bit ha-ha... Oh, well... no complains of course.


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