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posted : 2010.Aug.10 @ 10.51pm


temple tea--
the cat is served

- issa


celebrating creativity and culture
this podular arts initiative
shares art from visionary, fantastic, and imaginal artists the world over

featuring artful translations of the exploratory imagination
from spirited artists of 40 countries
this innovative global media initiative brings home the magic in a new way

single cards serve as art culture collectibles, altar cards, and awesome gifts
groups of cards can be used to make microgalleries on your wall, fridge or mantle
sets of cards combine to make oracle decks

for the first time these cards are available as a subscription
you can have two new cards mailed to you every month for 20 months

the subscription includes limited edition cards from Alex and Allyson Grey
which are not available on the main elvism store
as well as a variety of bonus fleet media

you can subscribe for as many months as you like for
$5 + stamp cost per month
or get the whole set at a reduced rate

International $88 + stamps = $122
USA $88 + stamps = $110
Canada $88 + stamps  = $99

support this non-profit arts initiative today
or contact delvin for more details and other payment options

a blessing of life

posted : 2010.Oct.29 @ 9.45pm

In true podular fashion comes the new galactik trading card set, created in the glow of a 10 person design team which includes the many fabled Phong, Air and Poxin of the pod ness, as well as the fleet admiral Sijay of Onbeyond Metamedia and a wide fleet crew including Leo Plaw, Lunaya Shekinah, Daniel Mirante, Shaun Friesen, Aaron Pyne, Brook Paulin, Marisa Scirocco, Nemo Boko, and David Heskin.

This collective exploration of visionary art and design surfs the cusp of the new culture with an oracle like none you have ever seen before. 


The collectible card set includes an array of visionary and fantastic art from the world over including...

Robert Venosa
Martina Hoffmann
Alex Grey
Allyson Grey
Pablo Amaringo
Mati Klarwein
Vladimir Ovcharov
Ernst Fuchs
Patrick Woodroffe
Takada Minae
Prof Phil Rubinov

Otto Rapp
Gil Bruvel
Laurence Caruana
Guy Aitchison

Michael Parkes
Gerard Di Maccio
Michael Hiep
David Bowers
Daniel Merriam
Andrew Gonzalez
Paul Jaarsma
Oleg Korolev
Mitsuru Nagashima
Kinuko Craft

Roman Villagrana
Amanda Sage
David Heskin
Luke Brown
Carey Thompson
Mark Henson
Leo Plaw

Daniel Mirante
Chris Dyer
Satoshi Sakamoto
Autumn Skye
Andrew Jones and Phong


Follow this thread to see new cards released every couple of weeks until 2012. 


Purchase single cards or subscriptions at
or email for more details.



posted : 2010.Oct.31 @ 8.49am

One card is released every two weeks and mailed monthly to any address in the world for those with subscriptions. You can change your subscription address anytime, as many times as you want between now and 2012 when the subscription ends. Most cards are also available as singles but this first Alex Grey card is only available by subscription.




posted : 2010.Oct.31 @ 8.50am


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posted : 2010.Oct.31 @ 9.01am


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