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posted : 2010.Aug.09 @ 2.45pm

It's been ages since I've played around with my camera, but just the other morning i stepped out my back door to find the weather had turned to mist. It's this sort of strange Vancouver rain that's more like your in a cloud or like some big creature is standing above the city with a spray bottle. The effect leads to this floating water particulate that can go up or down or wherever. This specific morning due to the dead air, abundance of moisture everything was covered in the finest of liquid beads. How could i resist? So i decided to creep around my garden and catch snaps of the yummy.


May i present my backyard, where we will be exploring the richness. 


Lets start with my long time love, Ferns! I've started a collection that i hope to grow over the coming years.

Here are a few of my Tasmanian Tree Fern. Shes still small, but is expected to Grow to around 15' tall, can't wait!

And onto my East coast North American Osmunda, cousin of the Ancient Jurassic Family. This is the family of fern that Inspired my musical alter ego, Osmunda.

Soft, yet very hardy!

And for some contrast, lets take a look at some floral action!

This is a Bee Balm, My mason bees from, and local Bumble bees are all over these when the sun is out. Many nodules = Lotta Nectar = Lotta Hunnay mmmm.







African Queen Basil in bloom! We pluck these and make super strong spicy pesto, which has a nice floral after taste to it.



Fuchsia potent perennial Dahlia's







A Calendula bloom i believe.


Oh baby! Milk thistle! love all of the thistle family, and this variety has it's obvious benefits, so rad!

How about yellow Yarrow, complete with a hidden Guardian? see her?


Lets take a walk into the clover and take a closer look at some fennel blooms



Can't remember what this Gem is,  but shes beautiful.


I've also been growing a Cardoon, the wild cousin of the Artichoke.






And a final glance, more into the specialize hybrid side of things, a Tri Colour Geranium. Nuts what cross breeding can do.


Now lets go over some of the sensual succulents, another personal favorite of the planty plantdom!


A new love to my collection, Lewisia, a native alpine succulent that can be found here in B.C. all the way down to Northern California. This plant is special in that it my become extinct do to shrinking alpine habitats. If your lucky and your around Mt. Shasta you make catch this creature in full bloom where it's dry and rocky. When I brought it into the Garden Center I recognized it right away from my visit to Shasta in 2005.


In Bloom.


Cuban Oregano, it has a sort of spicy, cucumber-ish taste.

A few Sedums I don't know much about yet are rather gorgeous.

Now in Hydrangea territory

With a little extra sumthin sumthin.

How about a decapitated plastic deer painted black? yah know, for texture.


Lets give the water drops some front and center love now.








Lets not forget the tomato patch!


And finally, much love to all the hard workers that made this all possible.




Well that's it for now, the rain has stopped, and it's time to move along with our day. Thanks for checkin out poxy's back yard paradise!




posted : 2010.Aug.11 @ 6.01pm

Beautiful Dew drop shots poxin!
Your photography always such a treat to my eyes !

Blessings ~ Justin.  

posted : 2010.Aug.14 @ 9.55am

that's a luscious green microcosm you have in your backyard! Nice pics. The Calendula Bloom and the flying bees are my two favorites.  Nice drop! 

posted : 2010.Aug.15 @ 8.59am
Such beautiful flowers! thank you for sharing! Smile

posted : 2010.Aug.15 @ 10.20pm
Great post pox!  Love the gemmy shots!  Nice drop!


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